How Much Is The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Brush Set? This Is The Exact Price — PHOTOS

#ByeMoney. Kylie Cosmetics' 2016 Holiday Edition Collection is quite a haul. In addition to Kylie Cosmetics' first-ever makeup brushes, there are new Kyshadow shades, a white Kyliner, a variety of bundles, plenty of Lip Kits, new colors, new formulas, additional holiday decor items like ornaments and a Kylie Cosmetics stocking that is a free gift with purchase on Black Friday, and the non-permanent, metallic creme shadows in three shades. So. Much. Stuff.... and in silver packaging. Your credit card statement will be beefed up over the next month, that's for sure. The limited edition range has just sold out, but a restock is scheduled for Black Friday, Nov. 25.

The brushes have yet to go on sale, though. They will debut on the Kylie Cosmetics site, which is the brand's sales platform, on Cyber Monday. That's Nov. 28, in case you forgot or missed it.

Cyber Monday is a huge online shopping day and the brushes are dropping with much fanfare. How much are the Kylie Cosmetics makeup brushes?

The set is $35. Since the collection holds five tools, that shakes out to $7 per brush, which is a steal. They have white bristles, white handles, Kylie's name stamped in black lettering, and appear to come tucked in a white slipcase.

It was only a matter of time before Kylie Cosmetics added tools to its repertoire of offerings.

Right now, the silver-packaged holiday set is tagged as limited edition. However, the brushes may stick around or they could enjoy random encores. Either scenario is possible, since Jenner can bring them back if they are a huge hit. If history is an indicator, a huge hit they shall be. Plus, she has been known to change the status of products, like the Leo Lip Kit.

Get your brush on on Cyber Monday. If you are on the hunt for a fresh set of makeup magic wands, these are it. It doesn't matter how much loot you shell out on expensive product.

If you don't have the proper tools with which to apply said product, you are merely wasting your cash.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (1)