Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealers Just Launched & There's Already Backlash

It's a big day in Kylie Cosmetics history. On Dec. 13, Kylie Jenner's makeup company is dropping its first-ever concealers — The Silver Series Skin Concealers — at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. And fans are ready for the product's debut, even if they are a touch critical.

The range boasts 30 shades, servicing plenty of variations light, medium, dark, and deep skin tones. The product offers medium, buildable coverage and can be worn alone with a dewy finish or paired with any setting product for a matte look. The Skin Concealers serve many purposes, such as correcting tone, hiding blemishes, and neutralizing dark circles.

The product is certainly a step towards inclusivity and most women should be able to find a shade that suits them. However, fans and beauty obsessives are divided over this launch for multiple reasons. While the internet was super vocal about the $360 price tag for the Silver Series luxe brush bundle, there are several discussion threads taking place regarding the $20 Skin Concealers.

Some fans are displeased about the price, while others are taking issue with Jenner offering a wide selection of colors, accusing her of trend-hopping and cribbing her ideas from the Fenty Beauty playbook. Additionally, some beautyistas are concerned that selecting the right shade is near-impossible without being able to test it IRL and due to the brand's "all sales final" policy.

Some customers have suggested that Jenner should allow them to request small samples of three shades when placing orders so they can test and choose the right Skin Concealer.

No matter the hesitations, there's no denying the selection of colors is extensive and impressive. And that Kylie probably has a $20 winner on her hands.

Here's the latest internet reactions to the Skin Concealers, which run the gamut.

The size and price is being discussed at length.

There are vocal critics but equally vociferous supporters.

This is a recurring concern in the comments of the Insta posts promoting the product launch. Since you can't test drive the shades on your actual skin, you have to shade match through eyeballing.

The inability to "try before you buy" could be the deciding factor for many shoppers.

One solution to this issue would be to watch tutorials of vloggers and influencers using the Skin Concealers and reading product reviews from the first generation of shoppers. That would give a better sense of the product's efficacy.

This user makes a really important point. Instead of pitting brands against one another, why not celebrate that many brands are targeting more women's needs?

Regardless of the mixed feelings, the Skin Concealers arrive today. Even with some of the concerns, they will likely sell out. This is Kylie, after all.