Tarte's Unicorn Horn Brush Set Costs This Much

Makeup brushes are totally next level lately. From the mermaid-tail brushes about to go on sale at Give Me Glow Cosmetics to the Storybook Cosmetics gold-plated offerings, tools are turnt in 2017! Tarte's Magic Wands Brush set is whimsical and inspired by fairytales and unicorn horns. Weee!

The full-sized, gold-handle brushes have pastel-colored brush heads and bristles and they are gorgeous. The pastel bristles land just in time for spring! How much are the Tarte Magic Wand brushes?

Limited Edition Magic Wands Brush Set, $39, Tarte

Well, the limited edition brushes come in a set that costs $39 and you get five tools. That averages out to less than $8 per brush. They are not sold separately.

Let's break down exactly what's in the set, which drops on Wednesday, Mar. 15.

You get the Pink Powder Brush, which will allow you to enjoy an airbrushed canvas, created with powder or liquid foundation.

You can also enjoy the Green Blending Eyeshadow Brush, which is fluffy and lets you buff out any lines of demarcation. Then there's the Blue Shading Eyeshadow Brush, which packs eye color on the lid and lets you contour the area.

The tightly-packed Magenta Countour Brush is designed for contouring, strobing, and highlighting. Basically, it exists to help you glow, baby, glow.

Lastly, there is the Purple Liquid Foundation Brush, which can be used to apply any creams or liquids or primers.

Limited Edition Magic Wands Brush Set, $39, Tarte

The brushes are also vegan and cruelty-free — no unicorns were harmed in the process of crafting this beauties. Therefore, you can use them freely and without compromising your animal sympathies. Aren't the handles works of art? Unicorns are real, at least in Tarte's universe.

Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant, $14, Tarte

The brand has also launched a vegan, aluminum-free deodorant, which is a permanent addition to the Tarte repertoire of products.

Hair Goals Dry Shampoo, $19, Tarte

The brand also dropped the Hair Goals Dry Shampoo, which is limited edition, like the Magic Wands.

One last thing — remember Tarte's golden brush collab with vlogger Nicol Concilio? The brand's brush sets keep getting better and better.

Images: Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics (2); Tarte/Instagram (1)