You're So Gonna Want These Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Storybook Cosmetics rocks Harry Potter and archery-inspired Bullseye Brushes. There are also unicorn horn makeup brushes. But what about mermaid-inspired makeup brushes? Oh, yes, those exist. They are $12.95, vegan, and look like mermaid tails, a la Daryl Hannah in Splash. Go watch that '80s rom com if you've not yet done so in your life!

OK, back to the brushes and the year 2017.

These makeup magic wands are adorable and will totally add some marine life liveliness to your vanity or makeup case. Where can you get these mermaid makeup brushes in the U.S.?

Well, according to a post on their official Instagram, Give Me Glow Cosmetics will be the first official U.S. stockist for these "chubby mermaid brushes."

If you aren't familiar, Give Me Glow is an indie makeup brand that sells liquid matte lippies, pressed glitter, lip paints, and more via its site. The brand will add the mermaid brushes to this sales platform "in less than a month," per the Insta post.

Give Me Glow noted that it saw the brushes first, before they went viral, and will now be stocking them! It looks as though GMGC's eagle-eyedness paid off.

The brushes have tri-color, ombre bristles, along with silver, rose gold, and matte black handles. They are too freaking cute.

OMG! Aren't they gorgeous? There is so much detail in the scales and the tail. The bristles look tightly packed, which should make applying a powder blush or foundation a breeze. You can get a good grip on those tail handles, too.

Throw the brand a follow and browse the site. They have a lot of affordable, on trend stuff, like matte liquid lippies, pressed shadows, and more. The brand also invites its fans, customers, and makeup obsessives into its process via its posts, which are filled with swatches and info.

Mega mattes abound at Give Me Glow.

Based on some of the products, you can tell GMG is a unique and fun brand.

Look at that pigmentation!

Now Give Me Glow will have some of the coolest makeup magic wands I've ever seen.

Images: Give Me Glow Cosmetics/Instagram (5)