How Much Are The Clinique x Crayola Chubby Stick Sets? This Is Exactly What You Will Spend

Color me and my lips happy! The Crayola for Clinique Limited Edition Chubby Sticks for lips are the absolute cutest! The crayon-inspired lippies are sold as singles for $17 and as both an eight-piece and a four-piece set. Clinique's Chubbies are one of the long-running and beloved brand's hero products. Fan devotion to the Chubby Sticks developed due to the majorly moisturizing formula, which includes mango and shea butters, and due to the the extensive and killer range of colors. You can slick a swipe or two across your pucker for a sheer wash of color or build for a more intense, bold 'n' sexy pout.

There are 10 shades sold solo on the Clinique site. The eight-piece set features Brick Red, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Mango Tango, Mauvelous, Melon, Pink Sherbert, Red Violet, and Wild Strawberry. Razzmatazz and Tickle Me Pink aren't included in the eight-piece set. There is also a four-piece set, but the Clinique site does not currently specify which hues are featured in that smaller collection.

That said, how much are the Crayola x Clinique Chubby Stick sets?

The eight-piece set costs $49.50, while the four-piece mini set will debit your wallet by $25.

The Crayola Chubbies look like jumbo crayons.

Crayola for Clinique Limited Edition Set of Four Minis, $25,

That said, you won't be using these lippies to color on paper, unless you somehow need to leave a note for someone and can't find a pen! Instead, you'll be coloring your pucker. You will most definitely want to remain inside the lines, because "I like messy, bleeding lipstick," said no one ever.

Crayola for Clinique Limited Edition Set of Eight Minis, $49.50,

Adult coloring books have certainly been a legit and therapeutic thing in recent years and the same can be said for Crayola-backed and crayon-inspired lippies.

Images: Courtesy of Clinique (3)