The Kylie Cosmetics V-Day Line Is All About Minis

There's no two ways about it: Kylie Jenner knows holidays. Maybe she sits there with a calendar and a bright red pen, marking universal days of cheer, plotting her devastation. Kylie Cosmetics just announced a Valentine's Day collection is coming, if you couldn't tell from the literal avalanche of posts about it, and it looks good. Obviously. Did we expect anything less? The only thing that could surprise me now is if she went for federal holidays — let's get a Tax Day collection, the color of fear. Alas, we'd have no money to spend on it. And speaking of, how much are the Kylie Cosmetics Mini Sets that she teased in her grand Valentine's Day reveal? We know you're wondering, so here's the rundown.

When the collection drops on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. get ready to spend. Unfortunately Jenner hasn't released any pricing details, which is similar to how she handled the reveal of her Holiday Collection — but if she follows the pattern of only waiting a day or two, they'll be coming soon. And luckily, she's pretty consistent with pricing between collections, so I'd guess that the price of the Kylie mini sets will fall around $36.

No promises, though — given the way Jenner plays fast and loose with our hearts, there's no telling if prices will move. But given the breadth of the collection, you'll want to choose wisely.

To clear up any confusion, Jenner previewed both a Mini Matte collection and mini Valentine sets. The Mini Matte collection (above) is packed with on-trend Valentine pinks and reds. The new shade Apricot, a pale peach, well, apricot shade is at left, joined by Maliboo, High Maintenance, Posie K, Head Over Heels, and Mary Jo K.

Then there are the Kiss Me, Smooch, and SweetHeart mini collections, each of which includes two lip products and two shadows — this is Jenner's first cross-genre pairing, so pricing is unknown territory.

Kiss Me holds Dirty Peach and Poppin lip gloss, and shadows in Sweet Thing and Main Squeeze.

The Sweetheart mini collection contains Dolce matte and Literally gloss, paired with exclusive shadows Baby, a hot pink orange, and Love Letter, a frosty gold.

Last but not least, the Smooch mini collection holds matte Gorg and gloss Damn Gina, and shadows Poison Berry, a browned plum, and In Love, a sparkling purple-edged gold.

A personal fave.

Kylie Cosmetics' Valentine collection will no doubt be impossible to get ahold of, but if you're among the chosen ones whose browser lets you through — maybe don't kiss anyone while wearing these. This stuff isn't to be wasted, long-lasting or no.