The New 'Below Deck' Yacht Costs As Much As 283 Years Of Disney World Passes

Zev Schmitz/Bravo

Getting paid to work on a yacht sounds like a perfect way to spend a summer. Free housing on said yacht, sunny days spent on the seas, and you make money? It sounds like a fantasy, but Below Deck: Mediterranean shows that it comes at the cost of high seas drama and catering to the whims of the boat's renter. If one really wants to enjoy a Mediterranean summer, the best way to go about it would be to find out how much it costs to charter the Talisman Maiton from Below Deck: Mediterranean, and throw down enough cash to go out on the water atop it.

However, you may not have the disposable income necessary to enjoy the trip. According to Yacht Charter Fleet, the approximate cost of a week-long charter of the Talisman Maiton is $283,000 during low season, and can go up to as high as $334,500 per week. That is not a small chunk of change, but the charter comes with a great deal of amenities. The yacht includes a gym, jacuzzi, air conditioning, as well as multiple waverunners — and is suited for housing 12 guests in six rooms in addition to a 13 person crew. The charter sounds like it's worth the price, but here's what else one could get with that $300,000.

A College Degree At NYU

Investopedia reported that the average cost of attending NYU for the 2017-2018 academic year was $68,128 — including tuition, room, board, and additional fees. If that price stays at a similar price for the next four years, the total comes out to somewhere around $272,512. That's still over $10,000 less than the low season cost of renting the Talisman Maiton. A week on the ocean may be good for your Instagram, but there is nothing more valuable than knowledge.

Disney World For 283 Years

A Disney Platinum Plus Pass, which allows for year-long attendance to all four of the theme parks at Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, only costs $949. Depending on price changes, that's at least 283 years of access to the happiest place on Earth. If you take some of that extra money and spend it on the many resort hotels, one could likely just stay in Disney World year-round. Unfortunately, guests hoping to book a resort hotel cannot book more than 30 days at a time, meaning you'll have to travel between rooms — and possibly hotels — once a month. However, one could conceivably bounce around the park, living in various resorts, for an entire year with the kind of money that it would cost to charter the Talisman Maiton for just a week.

Hang Out With T-Pain For A Week

In 2014, booking agency Degy Entertainment released a database of artists and their approximate booking fees. Major artists like Justin Timberlake and Madonna cost upwards of one million dollars. But do you know who you could book for a week straight for less than the high season price of chartering the Talisman Maiton? T-Pain. T-Pain's booking fee is estimated to be no more than $45,000 dollars, meaning a week of T-Pain would cost about $315,000. Would you rather be on a boat or see T-Pain perform "We're On A Boat" for a week straight?

There are a lot of things that one could do with the money it would take to charter the Talisman Maiton. While there's no denying that the yacht is expensive, it does promise a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a beautiful location with a fully decked-out sailing vessel and a full staff. It's the week-long vacation of a lifetime... but it'd probably be better if T-Pain was there.