Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Line Is Worth The Money

The end of the year makeup launches are in full swing. There's everything from makeup brushes to eyeshadow sets popping up all over the place, but this is one launch that you won't wan to pass up. Bite Beauty's Everyday Agave Lip Collection is finally here, and it has everything that you need to prepare your pout for winter. How much is the line, you ask? The three items might be a bit pricey, but they're worth every cent.

After teasing the all-natural products for a few weeks, you can now buy the entire Everyday Agave Collection online. The line has three different lip-care products in it. There's a lip mask in three different colors, a lip scrub, and a lip balm. While it might not be the flashiest launch of the season, it's something that you'll definitely want to stock up on to keep those lips looking great for the new year.

As far as price goes, these aren't your average drugstore lip products. The all-natural formula will cost you a pretty penny, depending on while items you want to stock up on. The Agave Lip Mask is $26, while the Agave Lip Balm and Scrub is $18 each. Since this is more of a skincare line than makeup, the price makes complete sense.

According to the brand, the Everyday Agave line is meant to be used together as a three-step routine. Because all of the products are only sold separately, that means it will cost you $62. Don't let that scare you away from the collection though. You could definitely use them separately as well.

Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Lip Collection,

All of the products are currently available on the Sephora website right now. It looks to be a permanent line, so you shouldn't have to worry about a restock date. That doesn't mean that you should wait forever to grab your favorites though. Especially considering that Sephora is the one and only place to buy the products.

My personal favorite in the collection is the three different colored Lip Masks. It comes in a sheer pink champagne shade as well as clear and a sheer candy apple red. You really can't go wrong with any of the products though, since winter is about to be in full swing. It's time to invest in your pout, people!

Images: Sephora (1)