How To Get A Deal On Glossier's Cloud Paint Blush

by Kali Borovic

Spring has officially sprung in the makeup world. The weather might not be bright and cheery, but the beauty launches are. While some brands are stuck on the highlighter trend, Glossier created Cloud Paint. It's a cream blush that allows you to control the pigment and has some serious benefits. How much is Glossier's Cloud Paint? Well, it depends on how you buy.

Glossier has a way of taking a classic makeup staple and making it new again. Their Cloud Paint, which comes in a paint tube, is proof of that. Not only is the packaging adorable, but the shades are absolutely stunning. The four colors — Dusk, Puff, Beam, and Haze — range from a subtle mauve to a bright pink. They're all perfect for spring and work on a variety of different skin tones.

As far as price goes, it all depends on how you plan on stocking up. In this case, the more you buy the more you save. Each Cloud Paint is $18 each for the .33 oz. tube. If you buy two, they're only $15 each though. That's not the end of the savings either. When you buy two Cloud Paints, you can use the code 2BLUSH and get the pair for $30 and get free shipping. Basically, it's a great reason to try a few shades.

Cloud Paint, $18, Glossier

Once you hear the benefits of this blush, you've going to want to jump on this deal. According to the Glossier website, Cloud Paints main ingredients are collagen, a smooth gel system, and blurring powder pigments. That makes it easy to use, plumping, and enhancing. Think of it as a skin care item that just happens to be a really gorgeous color as well.

All in all, the Cloud Paint is definitely worth the buy. There's no word on whether the two for $30 code will expire or stick around for a while. That being said, you should probably stock up while you still can. Something tells me that these won't be around for long. Especially with people stocking up for spring.

Cloud Paint, $18, Glossier

So what are you waiting for? Go get in on this deal while you still can!