James Charles' 'I'm Shook' Hat Is Affordable

by Kali Borovic

It's officially going to be the year of James Charles. After being named the first male CoverGirl in 2016, this makeup artist hasn't slowed down one bit. In case you missed it, Charles created his own merch line featuring some of his favorite items and sayings. The most Charles-like, by far, is the hat he's been rocking on social media lately. How much is James Charles' "I'm Shook" hat? You'll be happy to know that, just like the rest of his line, the accessory is super affordable.

If there's one thing to know about Charles, besides that he has some serious makeup skills, it's that he has a very iconic look. In most of his images, he's wearing a baseball cap and, more likely than not, muttering the words "I'm shook." So it only makes sense that a hat with the saying would be in his merch line.

The CoverGirl start has been giving his fans a preview of the cap on social media for a while. Now you can add it to your wardrobe as well. Charles' merch line, Sister Apparel, is available right now. The "I'm shook" hat is $24.99, which is the most affordable piece in the collection. You might not ever be on Charles' level when it comes to makeup, but now you can be with fashion.

The hat comes in three different colors — classic black, army green, and powder pink. It's not the only "I'm shook" item in the collection either. There's a sweatshirt with the same saying on it that comes in the same colors as the hat. So you can be matching and shook all day long, in true Charles form.

If the "I'm shook" saying isn't for you, there's another option as well. The hat is also available with the saying "it's not that deep" in the same colors. At such an affordable price, you might as well just stock up on all of the trendy options.

This might be the most iconic item in the line, but there are tons of other quirky sayings and apparel as well. Everyone from his subscribers to Jaclyn Hill have worn his range, so you might want to snag your favorites while you still can.