KKW Fragrance Is Here & The Price Just Might Shock You

On Nov. 15 at 10 a.m. PST, Kim Kardashian West released a new addition to her steadily growing beauty empire: KKW Fragrance, available in three different scents. The launch is highly-anticipated and very buzzy, but when it comes to fragrance, there's one question that comes before making the decision to purchase: How much does KKW cost?

According to Kardashian West, the choice to have a three-fragrance, crystal-inspired collection comes from a series of personal experiences. Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel in 2016. She disappeared from the public eye for months, but according to the star, much of her healing process was aided by her friends' use of healing crystals. The packaging for each KKW fragrance — solid, oblong, crystalline bottles (all in different shades to reflect the various scents) — were directly inspired by that experience.

Then there was the choice to include three scents in the collection. Each scent is rooted firmly in gardenia, a flower that has sentimental value to Kardashian West.

According to a press release from KKW, gardenias are her favorite flower, and are also an homage to her father, who passed away in 2003. According to Kardashian West, her father once returned from a business trip in New York City with a bottle of gardenia perfume. "It’s one that I still have and I treasure the memories that it evokes when I see the bottle,” Kardashian West told Elle.

Though each scent of KKW Fragrance does have a noticeable gardenia base, all are surprisingly different, particularly as they dry down. Crystal Gardenia Citrus is laced with floral top notes, as well as rose and orange oil — it's fresh, sweet, and summery. Crystal Gardenia Oud boasts strong notes of bergamot and lavender, and is the most mature and rich of the three scents. Finally, there is Crystal Gardenia: It's light gardenia based is topped off with water lily, and is the signature scent of the collection.

The collection is very feminine and luxe, and exactly the kind of fragrance line one would expect from a star with Kardashian West's brand. However, what is surprising is the price point: While many designer and celebrity perfumes can come in at prohibitively high price points, KKW Fragrance is surprisingly affordable.

There are two sizes for each scent available for purchase. The 30ml bottle is the smaller of the two for $35 each. The larger bottle (the crystalline tube shown in most KKW Fragrance imagery) is priced at $60 for a 75ml bottle. The variation in price point ensures that even the most budget-conscious KKW Beauty fan can have a shot at owning one — or hell, maybe even all three.

There is one minor thing to consider, should you be budgeting for a brand new KKW fragrance to display proudly on your vanity. According to WWD, only 300,000 bottles of the perfume were produced for the initial launch. Once they sell out (they're being sold exclusively on the KKW Beauty website) they will not be restocked.

It's enough to make you reach hastily for your wallet, yes, but if you don't want to take the plunge this time around, don't fret: Kardashian West is reportedly releasing a second set of scents (another trio), just in time for Valentine's Day. For now, enjoy KKW's entree into the world of fragrance by letting the gardenia wash over you.