How Much Is Makeup Geek's Starter Kit & Vault Bundle? This Deal Won't Be Around For Long

With all the new beauty launches coming out, it can be easy to overlook the best deals out there. This is one oldie but goodie is one that you won't want to miss. For one week only, Makeup Geek Cosmetics is having a sale on two of their eyeshadow kit staples. How much is the Starter Kit and Vault Bundle? There are some major savings going on, but the deal won't be around for long.

If you're looking for a sign to stock up on eyeshadows, this is it. From Feb. 21 to the 25, Makeup Geek is having a sale on two of their makeup staples — the Travel Vaults and the Starter Kit and Vault. The first is the nine-shade magnetic palette with a gold, gunmetal lid. While it's normally $13 for the empty palette, you'll be able to get it for $9. That's a single-digit price, people.

The bigger deal comes with the Starter Kit and Vault. It comes with nine gorgeous eyeshadow pans and the Travel Vault together. Normally, you have to buy the shadows and palette separately, so this is pretty major. The set is normally available for $59, but for a limited-time you'll be able to buy it for just $45. That's like getting the empty palette for free!

Makeup Geek

Starter Kit And Vault Palette Bundle, $45,

The colors in this palette are perfect for all year 'round. You get a staple black and white, transition shades, and even some pops of color. Just looking at this bundle you can see how many different possibilities there are for eye creations

All of these shades are also sold separately on the Makeup Geek site as well. Even if you have some of these colors, this is definitely worth the buy. You would be saving money for the original price, but now that it's on sale it's an even greater deal.

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek Travel Vault, $9 (originally $13),

Whether you're looking to buy one or the other or stock up on both, you really can't go wrong with this sale. It won't be around forever though, so you'll want to shop the staples while you still can.