Stila's Matte N' Metal Palette Is Worth The Price

by Kali Borovic

I hope you saved your holiday cash, because the new launches are rolling in fast. According to Instagram, Stila created new items for 2017, and some of them are already here. The first up is a gorgeous eye kit that has a little bit of everything you need for a day or night look. How much is Stila's Matte N' Metal Eyeshadow Palette, you ask? Trust me when I say that these twelve shades are well worth the price.

What better way to celebrate the start of a new year than by stocking up on some new shadows? Thankfully, Stila's here to help you out with that. The brand created a 12-shade palette that covers all the basics plus a little more. I'm talking six shimmery shades and six mattes that can easily work all year 'round.

According to the Sephora website, the Matte N' Metal Eyeshadow Palette is $49.

While that might seem a little pricey, it actually breaks down to be pretty affordable. All in all, it comes out to about $4 per shadow. Considering that single Stila Eyeshadow colors are $18 t0 $32 each, you really can't beat the price. This is the same price as their other 12-shades palettes as well.

Matte N' Metal Eyeshadow Palette, $49,

The palette is currently only available on the Sephora website. I'm willing to bet it will eventually arrive on the Stila website though. The brand made a social media announcement that they'd have a bunch of products arriving soon. So far they haven't posted anything on social media, but a few items have popped up on the Sephora website.

The Matte N' Metal Palette is a great start, if you ask me. It's filled with all the basics. Not to mention the gold, checkerboard packaging is stunning. If the rest of the line is just as good as this, then it's going to be one heck of a collection.

Matte N' Metal Eyeshadow Palette, $49,

There's no word yet on whether this collection is permanent or just here for a little while. Either way, you should probably grab the palette before people get wind of this awesome launch.

Images: stilacosmetics/Instagram (1), Sephora (2)