This Is How Much The Viral Ta-Ta Towel Will Cost You

Ta-Ta Towel on Facebook

On Aug. 4, a new product left the world shook. Cheekily named the Ta-Ta Towel, this nifty product is essentially a hammock for your boobs that helps you keep cool all summer long. It's a genius product, and it's probably left you wondering how much the Ta-Ta Towel is.

If you've got breasts, you know that summer is an insufferable season. Sure, your back sweats, your forehead pours the second you step outside, and yes, even butt sweat is a thing. But the feeling of boob sweat is on another level. It's already a pain to carry those babies around all day and night, stuffed in a bra, but add a hot climate? No, thanks.

Thanks to the Ta-Ta towel, there's temporary relief from boob sweat. And according to the brand's Facebook page, you can wear them all around your house. Say, for example, while watching TV. Or, while enjoying a cup of coffee. Or maybe when you're watering your plants! No matter the activity, the Ta-Ta Towel is here to provide you with sweet, sweet relief...for $45. Honestly, that's the cost of one bra, and this baby is so much more than that.

Here's how it works: Functioning like a halter top, the towel goes around your neck and keeps your boobs in its own little compartment.

In this cute pattern, who can say no?

Even while cooking, you can wear the Ta-Ta. Everyone knows how hot the oven can get in the summer.

Makeup application in the heat? No problem!

Ta-Ta Towel

Ta-Ta Towel, $45,

You can shop the towel on their website, and sizes range from C to H. And from the looks of it, people on social media are going insane.

The memes have already started.

Genius indeed.

Apparently, pricing is good enough to buy everyone one for Christmas.

Yes, please, and never stop making them.

Anyone pissed they didn't think of this first? According to the website, founder Erin Robertson was getting ready before a date, sweating in Los Angeles in the summer. During her date, she had the genius idea, and eventually asked her mother to teach her how to sew. Unfortunately, her mother's machine didn't work, but Robertson did find a friend with a new one.

And that's when she made her prototype. After giving some of her friends to get some feedback, she learned that many of them loved it. Not only did it stop boob sweat, but it helped one of her friends get rid of a pesky under-boob rash. That's magic.

Now, you can get the Ta-Ta Towel for yourself, all for $45. Sure, it's more expensive than a regular towel, but the overall benefits seem to make it so worth it. And at the cost of some bras and many t-shirts, it's definitely a good investment if you're experiencing some unfortunate side effects of boob sweat.

Who's ready to order?!