Urban Decay Is Releasing A New Eyeshadow Set That Is Basically The Anti-Naked Palette

Urban Decay Cosmetics is probably best known for their classic Naked palettes. From the rose gold shades in the Naked 3 to the coppers in Naked 2, their palettes are super approachable. Now, though, they're branching out, and it's so good. The Urban Decay Born To Run palette features eyeshadow shades that are so different (and so great) for the brand. You'll definitely want to shop this new release that gives you all the options for every look under the summer sun.

This week, Urban Decay debuted what could basically be called the anti-Naked palette, but that's not a hit against those OG faves. The palette simply comes with a huge variety of shades and textures, and it's the perfect choice is you're so over neutral palettes.

While the collection of shades does feature much needed transition colors and the ability to create a daytime look, it's also home to olive green hues, jades, blues and pops of orange and fuchsia. Basically, it's all of the trendiest colors of the moment found all in one place courtesy of Urban Decay.

In total, the palette features a whopping 21 shades making it the brand's biggest palette yet, and each of them is inspired by travel (hence, the name Born To Run). With the 21 different hues, there also happens to be a huge mirror in the palette perfect if you're on the go. Talk about a win, right? How much will it cost you, though? For Urban Decay, the price is totally expected and rings in at $49.

If you've purchased a Naked palette in the past, the price won't come as a shock to you. While it certainly comes in quite a bit more expensive than their Naked Basics mini palettes, this collection of shades is totally different than any of the brand's cult classics. In fact, it's different than almost everything on the brand's site.

Color isn't exactly new for the brand, though. Currently, they've got their ultra shimmery Moondust palette up for grabs, and of course, there's the new Beached palette which features some stunning blue shades. Most of the brand's palettes, however, appear to focus on a specific color way. While that makes monochromatic looks and neutrals warms convenient, you'll need to purchase multiple palettes to mix things up. Not any more, though.

When will you be able to get your hands on the Born To Run palette? The brand hasn't announced the launch date yet, but you can head over to the Urban Decay website and sign up to be one of the first to be notified when it launches. If you really want the palette ahead of time, though, Urban Decay is hosting a six day long, 21 city scavenger hunt for the palette from some of your favorite influencers. Keep your eyes peeled on their social media to find out if they're headed to your city and how to snag the palette before its launch.

As for how fans are feeling about the palette? Good, they're feeling good.

Urban Decay fans are ready to go shopping as soon as possible.

Patience is not really a virtue right now for Born to Run fans.

After all, these 21 shades are totally faint worthy.

Round of applause for Urban Decay, please!

If you want to be one of the first to know when you can shop the Born To Run palette by Urban Decay head over to their website now. Whether you're an Urban Decay addict or just appreciate a gorgeous palette, this new launch from the brand is can't miss.