Wet N Wild's Midnight Mermaid Bundle Is So Cheap Any Sea Siren Can Snag It

When you are a makeupista who finds yourself waving #ByeMoney multiple times a month due to new beauty launches, you welcome a deal. That's why makeup bundles are so coveted β€” the savings are sweet. Well, Wet N Wild's Midnight Mermaid Collection is available as a bundle and it translates to major savings

We already know that Wet N Wild has flipped the script on mermaid beauty with this limited edition range, swapping out expected beachy 'n' bright products in favor of dark, moonlight-appropriate hues. Mermaids have to play after dark, right?

If you are a nyctophile, this entire collection is so for you. How much is the Wet N Wild Midnight Mermaid bundle?

The collection include all 12 pieces and costs $35 via the WNW site. It's valued at $59, so you are saving approximately $25. Since Wet N Wild's on trend and quality products already come at incredible bargain prices, the savings are magnified.

Here's what's in the bundle.

You get four metallic liquid lippies (Coral Crown, Harbor A Crush, Siren's Jewel, and Sea Seduction) and four metallic liquid eyeshadows (Mysterious Nights, Lara's Necklace, Moonlight Majesty, and Aquatic Prism). You also get three metallic liquide eyeliners (Sea Symmetry, Sea Dreams, and Trident's Shimmer) and the Mermaid Highlighting Bar in Under the Midnight Sea.

Midnight Mermaid, $35, Wet n' Wild

It's essentially a makeup wardrobe for the fall season.

It's also an affordable and expansive collection, so you can create so many mysterious, fall-ready looks.

This collection is also killer because you can play with the products and shades with minimal financial commitment. If you don't like a color or a texture, well, you didn't go broke to acquire it.

Now, that's something all wanna be sea sirens can celebrate.