Peter From 'Bachelorette' Seems So Dedicated To His Career

It's almost time for Rachel Lindsay to give out her final rose. There are three contestants left: Bryan Abasolo, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Florida; Eric Bigger, a 29-year-old personal trainer from Maryland; and Peter Kraus, a 31-year-old business owner from Wisconsin. While all of these men have promising and established careers, Peter's job title is interesting. And you may be wondering how much money Peter makes running his own company. While small business owners don't always rake in the cash, he might make more than most. Peter owns Worth Personal Training, a Madison-based facility that offers one-on-one workouts, bootcamps, and nutritional education. It seems like the business is a big success, but even if it wasn't, the star might a financial safety net from his days as an international male model.

Peter began his career as a personal trainer. According to LinkedIn, he studied Dietetics at Madison Area Technical College, and interned for a Clinical Nutritionist at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. After college, he worked as a Fitness Manager at Fitness Management Group. Fitness Managers in the Madison area make a decent salary for an entry-level position, averaging about $40,000, according to Glass Door. Peter also worked as a personal trainer for I-D Gym, which can be a less reliable source of income. The annual salary for a trainer varies by a large margin, averaging anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000, depending on location, hours, and clientele.

While all of Peter's past professions made a decent wage, as a business owner, your financial situation can be a bit more complicated. Owning a business takes a lot of work and investment, but according to LinkedIn, Worth has been open since 2009. It's long-open doors suggest that the business is doing well, and it might be Peter's many accolades that keep customers interested. According to Worth's website, the trainer has won multiple awards, including "Top 10 Trainer in Chicago, TimeOut Magazine 2012" and "Trainer to Watch, Equinox West Hollywood 2014".

Most small business owners take their salary from the funds left after the expenses of upkeep. According to Chron, the national average is between $34,392 to $75,076. However, Worth's site suggests that Peter has worked with celeb clients in the past. These customers would pay more, and boost the profile of the business. It's likely that he makes a bit more than the average owner, especially given all the special services that the gym offers. In addition to nutrition consultations and plans, physical therapy and special bootcamp events are also available.

Even if Peter was not making a decent living by running his gym, odds are he's saved some cash from his days as an amateur model. It's a known fact that this contestant's good looks are catalogue worthy, and some glamour shots from his younger days can be found online. In his bio for ABC, the star even mentioned his former modeling career, noting that the work even resulted in international travel. "I moved to Athens, Greece for modeling for three months. It was everything!" he wrote. "I saw the world, made friends, was forced to grow up and be self-sufficient. Learned a lot!"

It pays to be pretty. A catalogue or advertising model can make up to $10,000 a day, with $100-250 an hour being average, according to JobMonkey. If Peter, who has stated that he's stepped away from the modeling life, took on a lot of jobs at his peak, odds are he did well in the earnings department. Honestly, with that kind of dollars on the line, it's surprising that he went into modeling retirement. The industry would be sure to welcome him back with those abs and perfectly coiffed salt-and-pepper hair.

Of course, these numbers are purely statistical, and money isn't the most important part of someone's lifestyle, especially in a relationship. When it comes to a career, what really matters is that someone is passionate about their work. Peter seems to love his job at Worth and have a genuine passion for helping clients get healthy. It's his enthusiasm for the work that makes him husband material for Rachel, above all else.