How Much Singles Really Spend On Their Dating Lives


It's probably no secret that dating can be expensive, but do you know ~how expensive~? Well, Match's 2017 Singles in America survey found out how much singles spend on their dating lives: singles spend $1,596 per year on dating. What does that include? Everything from new date night outfits to bar tabs to dating apps.

Personally, I thought that amount would be more — but perhaps because I've mainly lived in L.A. I'm sure amounts vary state-to-state and couple-to-couple. While some people go out to fancy restaurants only occasionally, there are others who make it the norm. And if you look at other expenses, like clothing, some people spend a lot shopping for the perfect first-date outfit while others have a lucky first-date outfit that they wear again and again. For instance, in Match's survey, 37 percent of men said they feel pressure and stress in their life due to their looks and appearance versus 46 percent of women.

In addition, phones are part of the dating budget equation, too. Match's survey found that women were 92 percent more likely to judge someone negatively for having an older model phone. Who knew?! The study also discovered that those who have older models are 56 percent less likely to get a date in the year. W-o-w! And cracked screens were *not* a turn-on either! Gen Xers and Baby Boomers were much more likely than Millennials to judge someone negatively for their cracked screen, the survey found — for instance, women were 86 percent more likely than men to judge negatively.

All that said, you may be wondering exactly who spends the most money on dating per year. Here’s what Match's Singles in America survey revealed.

1. San Antonio, TX, $2,537


2. Atlanta, GA, $2,357


3. Baltimore, MD, $2,219


4. Nashville, TN, $2,206


5. New York, $2,069


Interesting, right?! As for where to meet potential dates, especially if you're participating in Bustle's App-less April this month, Match's survey revealed the 4-1-1 on that, too. They found that these three places are most likely to land you a first date.

  • Flirting at the bar: 64 percent
  • Flirting in the laundromat: 43 percent
  • Flirting at the gym: 42 percent

And, as you probably know, there's countless other places to meet someone — your future boyfriend or girlfriend — IRL, from trying a new activity to changing up your routine. Meanwhile, if you're worried about your dating budget after checking out the above, there are countless inexpensive date ideas out there, too, from having a picnic to playing tourists in your own city. Remember, it's about the person you're with, not the money you spend.

In fact, Match's survey data found that, too, that men and women were both fans of showing traditional signs of love and commitment. Eighty-seven percent of respondents said the most important moment includes caring for them when they are sick. And that, of course, is free.