Lucy Hale's New Scary Movie 'Truth Or Dare' Takes High School Horror To A New Level


If you love Pretty Little Liars and scary movies, then Truth or Dare is a film made for you. But you must be forewarned that Truth or Dare is really, really scary, not just regular levels of scary. If you're looking for a more mild story involving Lucy Hale and a truth or dare game gone array, you might want to check out the episode of Pretty Little Liars when Charles made the liars torture each other. That 2015 installment is frightening enough for those who scare easily, but if you're ready to take on a truly horrifying movie, then you definitely shouldn't miss Truth or Dare when it comes out April 13.

The premise of Truth or Dare revolves around the favorite childhood game, but it takes a twist when the people who play must do whatever an evil spirit dares them to do — or they will gruesomely die. It all starts with a group of high schoolers' trip to Mexico. During the first game of truth or dare, Penelope (Sophia Ali) asks Carter (Landon Liboiron) what his intentions are with "sweet Olivia" (Hale), and he responds, "I needed to find someone with friends that I could trick into coming here, I could tell Olivia was an easy target, I brought you all up here 'cause I'm okay with strangers dying if it means I get to live." That's the pivotal moment when everything changes, and the truth or dare game quickly escalates from harmless fun to a terrifying death game.

Truth or Dare comes from Blumhouse Productions, which also produced the hit horror movies Get Out, Insidious, Paranormal Activity, and more recently Happy Death Day. Even though each of those films is terrifying in its own way, Truth or Dare is especially horrifying given that it's based on a high school game that almost everyone has played. The movie incorporates two of the scariest threats of the game: revealing hurtful secrets and public embarrassment. Things get taken to a scarier level when one of the friends, Ronnie (Sam Lerner), gets dared to flash his "business" to everyone at a party and, when he decides against going through with it, he slips on a billiard ball and breaks his neck . The message becomes clear — if you don't actually do what the evil spirit dares you to do, then you will die.

Since it's a horror movie, most of the dares in Truth or Dare are far more sinister than kissing someone you normally wouldn't and the like, and the people in the game must risk their lives in order to save their lives from the haunted game. In an interview with W, Hale called Truth or Dare "a crazy shoot," saying, "We had no idea when we were making it if it was going to be picked up or released. It was a hectic, crazy shoot. There’s a lot of energy — you are always running, screaming, crying. It all paid off."

Even if Blumhouse didn't necessarily anticipate the film becoming a hit, horror lovers will likely flock to the theaters to catch this one. It seems like one of the scariest movies — along with A Quiet Place — to come out this spring, and even if you don't usually run to a movie theater to pay upwards of 12 dollars to terrify yourself for fun, you might want to see Truth or Dare for its high school teen drama aspect. Even during the terrifying game, the hidden inner-workings of a high school group and all of their teen drama — jealousy, cheating, etc. — get exposed. High school is terrifying enough without the added horror, but Truth or Dare definitely provides an abundance of both aspects.