Here’s How This Month’s New Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Get ready to shine because the forthcoming new moon in Gemini is going to rain down cosmic stardust and polish up your dull diamond heart. How the June 2018 new moon will affect your based on your zodiac sign largely has to do with whether or not you harness its cosmic energy to manifest what your heart desires. "Gemini is a sign that makes information known, it communicates. Rather fitting, it does something more than communicating. Gemini exchanges," Andrew Ifandis wrote for Cosmos of Astrology. "Our need, with the moon in Gemini, is to express ourselves and our feelings."

What's more, Astrology King reported that the June 13, 2018 new moon is heavily influenced by eight fixed — and very lucky — stars. If you're looking to start a new chapter in your life, whether it be a job, relationship or passion project, the new moon has literally aligned the stars to help you succeed.

"A new moon is a good time to set new goals so this is an especially good new moon to start a new project," Astrology King advised. "The stars in particular give the skills needed to do well in business." It's no secret that, so far, 2018 has been nothing short of a dumpster fire. However, the June 2018 new moon is an opportunity to turn things around, and here's how it will affect you based on your sign.



Aries, the June 2018 new moon is going to gift you with a month-long cycle of harmony and happiness, which means you can relax and enjoy some much-needed inner peace. "This new moon gives good fortune, lasting happiness, and protection for you and your loved ones. It gives strength, energy, industry, organizing abilities, a sharp mind and a good memory," Astrology King noted. "It also brings influential friends, valuable gifts, and love of respectable women." Aries, this new moon gives you permission to slow down and recharge your batteries so you have the energy to continue leading the way during the second half of 2018.



If you're a Taurus, the June 2018 new moon is going to have you embodying many traits of a Cancer. You might prefer staying home, engaging in a little spring cleaning, and inviting friends over to relax in your well-appointed sanctuary. "Your cosmic guardian, sensitive Venus, bunks down in Leo and your cozy fourth house until July 9. Thoughts will turn to hearth and home and perhaps some degree of 'domestic makeover.' Keep the fridge and pantry loaded with healthy and hearty fare (and some party treats) since people might be popping in more than usual," the Astrotwins revealed on their website. "For visual inspiration, curl up with Pinterest and your favorite shelter and cooking blogs."



Gemini, if it feels like you've been stumbling around in the dark lately, the June 2018 new moon in your sign will suddenly make everything crystal clear. Use those lucky stars to light the path to your future. "The new moon shows you better ways to project your skills and talents. It will be easier for the world to find you now. You could also discover a new way to promote a favorite cause," noted on its website. It's time to wrap up old projects and focus your energy on the second half of 2018. You should feel your cosmic load lighten significantly as you enter the second half of the year.



If you're a crab, the June 2018 new moon is going to help you release things and people you've been holding onto longer than necessary. While it might be difficult to let go, you can only move forward if you've reconciled your past. "The year's only new moon in Gemini lands in your 12th house of letting go, healing, and transitions," the Astrotwins revealed. "This process could take a while — but if you’re truly 'over' this person, situation or limiting behavior, rip that Band-Aid right off and let the healing begin! Everyone has a shadow side, Cancer, yet when we pretend we don’t or try to run from it, we give it even more power. But when you acknowledge it and actually embrace it, you can win your independence from it."



Leo, the June 2018 new moon is made for you. You'll be able to take center stage (your absolute favorite place in the world) as you move effortlessly from one social gathering to the another. The best part is you won't get weighed down by anything heavy because for you, the Gemini new moon is all about having fun. "Indulge your inner social butterfly while the moon is new on June 13," suggested. "There may not be a lot of deep conversations, but that's fine. Go for the casual, cordial, flirty encounters, and have a lot of fun." Seriously, this is one time when skating on the surface of life is totally acceptable.



Virgo, if you've been frustrated by a stalled career during the first half of 2018, get ready to move forward like the boss you were always meant to be. While it will be tempting to get caught up in all of your new opportunities, make sure your harness the energy of the new moon to select the one that's right for you. "The year's only new moon in Gemini lands in your tenth house of professional ambition and success, turbo-charging your goals for the coming six months," the Astrotwins noted. "New moons bring opportunities to head in different directions. If you’ve been rethinking your career trajectory, this lunar lift can give you some inspirational ideas."



Libra, it's no secret that people are drawn to your wisdom, style, and charm. The new moon in Gemini is going to bring even more people into your energy field in the best way possible. "Wednesdays new moon is good for making new friends and for improving relationships with existing friends, partners, and family," Astrology King revealed. "Your professional and private life should be harmonious and successful." If you've been plagued by uncertainty during the first half of 2018, and you've been more ambivalent than usual, the lunar energy of the June 2018 new moon will help you make some decisions for how to approach the second half of the year with confidence and clarity.



Scorpio, the June 2018 new moon is going to have you feeling sassier and sexier than ever, and things are guaranteed to heat up in more ways than one. While people are always drawn to your mysterious aura, the new moon in Gemini could bring a new intimate partner. "Without changing a thing, your libido may get unleashed, and you might literally feel your mojo rising as your inner fires get stoked," the Astrotwins noted. "The urge to merge — physically, emotionally and on a soul level — could override practically everything else. If you haven’t been 'feeling it' lately, this lunar lift will put you back in the game!"



Sagittarius, it's time to board the love train as the June 2018 new moon in Gemini ushers in new opportunities for romance. "Romance may be the topic du jour on Wednesday, as 2018's only new moon in Gemini sounds a clarion call in your relationship corner," the Astrotwins predicted. "Regardless of your current status, moves you make midweek are likely to not only wake up but shake up over the next two weeks and even the upcoming six months." Make sure to pair up with someone who is worthy of your love and complements your free-spirited nature.



Capricorn, if a stalled creative project has been keeping you up at night, the June 2018 new moon in Gemini is going to provide renewed inspiration and its cosmic energy will shine a light on the best path forward. "An electrifying influence on your brain makes this an ideal time for any mental or creative work requiring originality," Astrology King revealed. "Increased open-mindedness and intuition can lead to flashes of insight and breakthroughs." Use the gift from the stars to take a deep into your creative well and conceive new projects to carry you through the second half of 2018.



Independent Aquarius, the June 2018 new moon in Gemini will encourage you to focus on yourself and indulge in your personal passions. If no one wants to join in the fun, you love going your own way and a solo day of self care can go a long way toward resetting your mind, body, and soul for the second half of 2018. What's more, Astrology King noted: "A feeling of peace and general wellbeing will help most areas of life run smoothly. This new moon gives good fortune, lasting happiness, and protection to [you] and your loved ones."



Pensive Pisces, the energy of the June 2018 new moon in Gemini will deliver a strong signal that it's time to get out of your head and focus on making some changes at home. "All new moons bring opportunities for a fresh start, and this once-a-year event in your domestic quarters will turn your attention to home sweet home," the Astrotwins noted. "Over the coming six months, you could do something mildly metamorphic — or totally transformational!"

No matter your sign, the June 2018 new moon in Gemini has enough good vibrations to go around. Take advantage of this massive lunar energy shift and you'll enjoy a much more productive and positive path through the end of 2018.