This Is How The Millennials DTR Today


So many people out there have come to the conclusion that modern dating sucks. I totally disagree. Sure, it's true that modern technology has caused some issues. You can know where your ex is 24/7, you can be blown off on about 30 different platforms, and your friends can give their input to a conversation with a potential date in real time. It's more than a little overwhelming, but this idea that we've all become over-sexed and under-loved is just nonsense. In fact, the folks at BloomThat, a flower delivery company, surveyed a random sample of 1,500 adults (ages 18+) across the country to find out if romance was really dead in the time of Tinder. (Hint: It's not.)

Not only that, but they got some real insight into what it's like to be dating in the modern age: How we feel about sex, being in a relationship, and classic romantic gestures like flowers. Because even though the technology has changed so much — and is still changing, faster than I can keep track of— what most people want hasn't really changed all that much. And the changes that are happening, like saying goodbye to old-fashioned dating rules and embracing our sexuality, don't sound that bad to me.

So here's what BloomThat learned, because even with all this tech, it's still can be tricky to DTR:


Men & Women Define The Relationship Differently

Bloom That

When is it official? Well, over a third of men think that touching base every day, or nearly, is a good indicator that it's an official relationship. 52 percent of women (and I'm guessing a chunk of men) want something more formal. Which I totally get, because it seems like a big thing to go unsaid.


People Are Still Looking For Love

Bloom That

Almost half of men and over half of women are looking for 'the one' on dating apps, so don't feel like everyone is just looking for a hookup.


We Need Time To Take It Offline

Bloom That

You have to put some work into it. According to the data, almost two thirds of women and over a third of men want some time online before you move things to IRL. It makes sense it would be more important for women, who are more likely to think that safety is an issue and want to suss things out— at least in my experience. My female friends send a lot more dropped pins during dates than any of my guy ones.


We Really Like Flowers

Bloom That

I'm sort of surprised that so many women like the idea of flowers on a first date — I think I'd find it a bit much, but the numbers show I'm in the minority. In fact most women, 78 percent, said they'd find it charming. Either way, it sounds like you shouldn't be afraid to pick up a few on your way.


Around Half Of Us Are Up For First Date Fun Times

It's no secret that a lot of people are OK with hooking up on the first date. Half of Millennials said they'd be down for a sleepover. But it's not just the younger set, almost half of those 35+ said the same.


Bye To The Three Day Rule, Finally

Bloom That

Hallelujah. I think all dating rules are BS, especially the waiting to texting back nonsense. And more people are starting to agree. 45 percent of millennials are down to hear how it went on the night and a lot of people want to know within 24 hours. Why wait? Just be straightforward, whether you like them or not.


We Like To Be Spoiled For No Reason

Bloom That

Looking for a reason to send flowers? You don't need one. Sixty-two percent of respondents said that it's better to send them "just because".

There's no sign romance is dead. People are up for everything— looking for the one, casual hookups, and straightforward communication. It all sounds good to me.