Here’s How The September New Moon Will Affect Your Job

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

September always feels like a month that is full of new beginnings and possibilities, even if you aren't heading back to class for the upcoming school year. One season has just unofficially ended, and we're all ready to step into a new one, which means that we're all feeling the itch to shed bad habits and start working towards something better. If you feel that way, you're going to love the vibes from the September new moon, which rises on Sept. 9 — it's all about new beginnings and positive change, which will affect every aspect of your life, including your career. But exactly how will the September new moon affect your job? While it could be a slightly bumpy ride at times, you don't need to totally stress out.

The new moon always has the same deeper meaning: as the beginning of a new lunar cycle, it represents something new for all of us. A new moon is the time when we reflect on our past and get rid of the things that no longer serve us, as we begin to focus on the goals we want to work to achieve. A new moon is the perfect time to start something different, make a big change, and maybe even step out of your comfort zone. Whatever you choose to do, it's not about going backwards or living in the past.

This September's new moon rises in Virgo, which is known for being a more practical sign. Forever Conscious reported that this lends a practical nature to the energy of the new moon, "which will allow us to take our dreams and imaginations and apply them to the real world." Because of the influence of the Virgo sign, we'll be able to "break things down into smaller, more manageable steps so we can integrate our dreams into reality."

That seems like it would work in your favor at work, right? Well, kind of. Bustle spoke to astrologer Lisa Stardust, who explains that it's not all about the positive all the time. Stardust said, "The Virgo new moon will illuminate issues at work, as colleagues may try to use manipulation tactics to serve their interests. This means deceptions, backstabbing, and other shady behavior at work may become the focus of the new moon."

Stardust tells Bustle to focus on staying true to yourself: "Be aware of miscommunications with others and don't indulge in water cooler gossip, as much of what you hear may be faulty. Be advised not to get in the middle of office politics, try to stay clear of the drama, and only focus on yourself. This will serve your higher interests and allow you to be seen in a good light."

The good news? This new moon is going to help you be a little more successful. Astrology King reported, "Powerful forces are working behind the scenes to promote you to a higher level. Maybe you could get a promotion at work with more of a leadership role." This is party because, as Stardust says, "The new moon is a great time to put your artistic talents to use, as the upside to this luminary is the free flow of creativity."

Basically, this is a great time to think about your dreams, and work into making them a reality. Remember: the energy is positive if you make it positive!