How The 'RHONY' Mexico Trip Did The Impossible

Paul Cheney/Bravo

And as the sun sets on another Real Housewives Of New York trip, so go the days of our lives. From what the previews for the season showed, Bethenny's arranged Mexico trip was going to be pretty intense, and for the most part, it was. But despite the fights, this tequila-drinking, sombrero-wearing group showed that, when they want to, they can actually get along. It's almost like Mexico brought The Real Housewives Of New York back together.

There were fights — Bethenny didn't know if Ramona should go on the tasting tour with her (she did); Tinsley was mad that Ramona and/or Sonja allegedly placed an item about her on "Page Six" (both of them denied that); Luann talked about her husband and it was annoying; and Dorinda and Bethenny had a screaming match that was seemingly caused solely by drunkenness. Seriously I'm not even sure really what Dorinda and Bethenny were fighting about. Dorinda was slurring, Bethenny was crying. I'm still confused. But when it came down to it, Dorinda and Bethenny shed some tequila-fueled tears the next day when they were apologizing to each other. Both laid themselves bare (Bethenny literally, as she had just finished skinny-dipping in the pool), and all was OK. Even Bethenny and Ramona, whose fighting has been the crux of this season, made up. That was something I genuinely did not think was going to happen.

During the group's last meal in Mexico, I was transported back to those good old days of Real Housewives Of New York. The times when there was more laughter than crying. At the end, all of the women were laughing and joking and playing together — and, even though there were a few hurt feelings, it was like old times again. All of the women (even the newer ones) seemed like they were enjoying each other's company. Real Housewives Of New York makes its drama from the fights, and that's partly why I watch. It's entertaining, and it is what it is. But it's also nice to see a group of successful, smart, driven women have a good time together, and in the end, this Mexico trip brought it all back to start.