Tinder Is Doing Something Huge To Empower Women RN


It's great to see how many companies are getting on board with this year's International Women's Day and that the OG of dating apps, Tinder, is lending a hand. They've teamed up with to launch the #FundHerCause campaign and — even better— you can get involved. They're even giving you the opportunity to get money for a women's organization of your choosing. All you have to is tweet. Really.

"The goal of this campaign is to have a significant impact on women of all ages worldwide, which is the benefit of working with so many incredible women's organizations," Tinder’s Global VP of Communications and Branding, Rosette Pambakian, tells Bustle. "We believe that Millennial women will participate most in the #FundHerCause initiative because this group has proven that they want to be part of meaningful social action and the overall conversation through participation in female empowerment movements like the recent women's marches. Tinder understands the importance of this female narrative in all aspects of life and wants the #FundHerCause campaign to serve as another way for women to have their voices heard with a direct impact on other women around the globe."

Simply tweet @Tinder with the cause you care about and the hashtag #FundHerCause and Tinder will send you a code to unlock a $100 donation to a charity your choice on (up to $250,000).

So how does it work? Well to start, Tinder has found 12 causes aimed at helping women in a range of ways. All you need to do is tweet @Tinder— you don't even need to mention the specific charity, just causes you might be passionate about, like health or education. As Tinder explained in a press release: "Simply tweet @Tinder with the cause you care about and the hashtag #FundHerCause and Tinder will send you a code to unlock a $100 donation to a charity your choice on (up to $250,000)."

That's right— Tinder is donating up to a quarter of a million dollars to women's causes this International Women's Day. And all you have to do is tweet them to get a code. Don't you just love it when the big guys put their money where their mouth is? I think it's great— and there are so many causes that need helping.

"In celebration of International Women’s Day, Tinder is empowering women to donate money to causes they care about during the #FundHerCause campaign," Pambakian says. "For that reason, we wanted to ensure the organizations covered a wide variety of female-centric causes, like women and girls' empowerment, education, health, domestic violence prevention and more." So whatever cause speaks to you, you can help them.

The campaign will launch at 9 a.m. Wednesday, International Women's Day, so get tweeting. One thing to bear in mind is that, although there are international groups on the list, donations can only be made by U.S. residents.

There are so many ways to get involved this International Women's Day and this is one of the easiest. So join in and help #FundHerCause.