How To Add Music To Your Instagram Stories With The App’s Newest Feature


Making a good Instagram Story is about more than just snapping a cute photo or recording a funny video and posting it for the world to see. Sure, that's a huge part of the equation, but to really make your story stand out from the many others your friends are watching, you need to get creative with all of the little extras that the app offers. Luckily, that's pretty simple: you can currently add GIFs, stickers, fun filters, location tags, hashtags, animated emojis, and polls to any picture or video you upload to your story. All of these customizations are half the fun of adding something! And now, Instagram is adding yet another feature to make your story unique: Instagram has just introduced music in stories, and I've got details on exactly how to add music to your Instagram stories with this new feature.

Instagram made the announcement of the new feature on Thursday, June 28. It's the first time you'll be able to add a soundtrack to your photo or video on Instagram Stories within the app. Before this feature, many people did that by playing music in another app, like Spotify or Apple Music, or they simply had it playing in the background. Doing it that way is fine, but it limits you to only adding music to a video. And why wouldn't you want to add your favorite song to a photo as well?

In order to use the new feature, you first have to make sure your app is updated. Check for any available updates on your phone, and if you see one for Instagram, download it and then re-open the app. If you don't see an update or the feature, just be patient. Oftentimes with a new feature, Instagram takes a little while to roll it out to all users.

Once you have the feature on your app, using it is really simple.

1. Tap The Music Sticker After Taking A Photo Or Video


You can add music by tapping the sticker button and selecting the music sticker once you've taken a photo or video. If your phone runs on iOS, you can actually select the song before taking a photo or video by swiping to the Music format on your camera within the app.

2. Swipe Through The Library Of Songs Offered On Instagram


You can search for a specific song you know you want, or simply browse by mood, genre, or what's popular. In the beginning, there might not be a huge variety, but the library is something that will continue to grow to feature all of the music you'll want to hear and choose from.

3. Select The Song You Want


Once you've decided on a song, you can play around with it to ensure that the exact part you want your followers to hear plays. You can fast-forward and rewind to choose the part of the song that works for your story.

When your followers watch your Story, they'll hear the song you picked play automatically. If they want more info on it, there will be a tappable sticker they can click. This is a really fun way to add some more interesting elements to your Story, and it's also a cool way to listen to new songs. You might find your new favorite jam thanks to someone you follow adding it to their Story!

Instagram also announced that Stories are now being used by over 400 million people daily. That's a lot of people! So, no pressure or anything, but you better make sure you pick a good song — you never know how many people are going to view your Story.