Here's How To Secure Your Spot In 'Love Island' 2019's "Do Bits Society"

ITV/Love Island

It is July 30 which means only one thing. By 10:35 p.m. the Love Island 2018 king and queen will have been crowned and the long, hot eight weeks of settling down on the sofa for 9 p.m. sharp are over. I believe it is no coincidence that just as Love Island is due to leave our screens, the heatwave ends. Is summer officially over? It may be so, but there's one way to get over it. That's right — focus on next year. So for the ambitious, how do you apply for Love Island 2019?

If you’re already having withdrawals from watching Jack and Dani dote on one another, loyal Georgia just saying it like it is, or Jack Fowler cooing over a plastic baby/doing basically anything — that boy could just being making a cup of tea and I’d swoon — then applying for Season 5 might be the best way to make all of your villa dreams come true.

I think many of us could think of worse ways to spend a free summer than surrounded by singles in a villa in Majorca. But how exactly do you get there? It was revealed this series, there are a few ways you can grab yourself a spot on the island. If you’re already making waves on Instagram, or are a bit of a girl about town, then you might find one of the producers of the show approaches you. If you’ve got friends in high (reality TV circle) places you also might want to keep an eye on your DM’s in case a producers asks if you fancy applying. Producers even revealed that they used Tinder to recruit applicants this year.

Historically, applications have opened on the ITV website in December, according to The Mirror. So, for Love Island 2019 you would be looking at December 2018 — just enough time to brush up on your flirting techniques and buy yourself some killer bikinis.

However, after the success of this year’s show, applications may be open sooner than that. Our favourite Scottish voice-over man, Iain Stirling announced applications would be open “soon”, asking if anyone watching felt like they could run down the stairs in slow motion with quite as much finesse as this year’s contestants.

Whilst the application isn’t up on the ITV website and Love Island has not confirmed that it will be going up anytime soon you might just want to keep a close eye out on their website.

Last year’s application form called for “lively singles from across the UK” looking for love and a summer to remember so long as they “couple up – and more importantly, win the hearts of the public.”

You have to be 18 years old and single but aside from that the villa is your oyster. If you are one of the lucky hundreds to get a call back you will have to send an audition tape. If you need a bit of divine inspiration there are hundreds of big brother audition tapes online to… educate yourself with. They keep applications open until pretty late so there's no hurry if you fancy yourself as a late entry.

So, if you think you could bring a little bit of pen salesman charm to next year’s villa watch this space — next year you might be chairing the meeting of the "Do Bits Society."