Kesha's New Makeup Line Is All About Creativity, But There's Bad News For UK Fans


From Victoria Beckham to Lady Gaga, Rihanna to Millie Bobby Brown, it seems as though there's not a celebrity around who hasn't brought out their own beauty line. And the latest to get on board is singer Kesha, whose line is aptly named Kesha Rose. The line, as well as being bright and bold, is also proudly vegan. Here is everything you need to know about the collection, including what is in it, how much it costs, and how to buy Kesha's beauty line in the UK.

The key message behind Kesha Rose is having fun with makeup. From the look of the products to the promo video, and everything Kesha herself says about it, this is a line that is meant to be enjoyed, and aims to encourage fans not to take themselves too seriously.

Kesha announced the news of her collection on Instagram last week, where she wrote: "!!!! SO EXCITED !!!! Kesha rose makeup ready for the world to see finally after years in the making !!!!!" She also shared a promo video, which had a short explanation of the brand ethos, and a first look at the products when on. Kesha sports a bunch of different looks, from glitters to bold red lipsticks that have been smeared off kissing.

In terms of what's in the collection, Refinery29 has reported that the standout product has to be a 12-shade eyeshadow palette, which comes in unique red velvet circular packaging. It costs $36 (£28), and is fairly open to interpretation. “It's more of a happy, fun palette for people to fuck up and get weird with,” Kesha told the publication. “The name of the palette is FTW, which can mean whatever you want it to mean: Fuck the world, find the whales — whatever you want.”

Also in the collection is a number of liner pens that can be used all over the body creatively. "I have pens that are called Whatever Wherever [Wands] and you can write on your arm to make fake tattoos or use it as a liquid liner that will not move,” Kesha also told Refinery29. The dual-ended liners cost $28 (£21) each.

Kesha Rose also features products for the lips, including glosses and a bold red lipstick.

The bad news, however, is that it doesn't yet look like it's going to be possible for us to get our hands on the collection in the UK. You can sign up to hear more on Kesha's website, but her main stockist, HipDot, does not seem to ship outside of the U.S. I will definitely pop back with any updates as and when I hear them though. Fingers crossed!