Here's How You Can Use Snapchat To Call An Uber Or Lyft Car

by Kaitlyn Wylde

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, Snapchat is rolling out a new feature that's not only going to change the way we use the app, but change the way we interact with the world around us. I know, it sounds epic, and that's because it is. Among a dozen other incredible features, you're going to want to know how to call an Uber or Lyft using Snapchat's Context Cards, the new fully loaded feature on the app.

Context Cards are basically exactly what they sound like. They're an extension of context that can be embedded into a story. So now, when you go to an amazing cocktail bar and post a video of your flaming mojito, and tag it to the bar, people watching your story can swipe up for "more" context. And "more" is a lot. When they swipe, they'll be able to see the name of the bar, where it is, read reviews that people have left, map out directions, and even — yes, you guessed it — call an Uber or Lyft to take you straight there.

A few different companies have partnered with the new feature, making it a huge resource. Thus far, in addition to Uber and Lyft, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Foursquare, goop, Michelin, Resy, and Bookatable have joined forces with Snapchat to make context cards, richly contextual! But OK, back to the flaming mojito scenario. So let's say you're at this bar downtown, and you share you location with a story to your followers, in addition to submitting it to the Our Story feed, here's what will happen with your story: your friends and followers will be able to swipe up for more a full detailed breakdown of the location you're at. And if your story makes it into the location story, anyone nearby will be able to check it out, too. So if you post something totally awesome, don't be surprised if your friends show up.

And on the flip side, let's say you're home on a Saturday night. You know you want to go out, but you have no idea what to do with yourself. (This is literally me every single weekend, BTW.) Now, you can see what your friends and the locals are up to on Snapchat, and literally go meet them. Here's how:

Get The Context

When you find something that inspires you to actually change out of your sweatpants, you can swipe up for all the deets, aka, the context. Make sure the establishment is open, check out some other stories from that location, see what else is good on the menu, and map out the distance to make sure it's nearby.

Hitch A Ride

Once you've established that the venue is in a location you're willing to travel to, request a ride service and get in on all the action. It's literally that easy. You never need to leave the app. Once you decide on your destination, you can just swipe up, tap the Uber or Lyft icon, and request a ride. It will already be linked to your account, so there's no additional set up required.

"Snap's innovative integration is another way that Uber connects you with friends and all the experiences your city has to offer," said Ann Bordetsky, Head of Product Partnerships at Uber, in a press release. "We're excited to continue our partnership with Snap and keep the magic of discovering cities top of mind for each other's users."

Start Discovering


Uber's statement brings to light another great usage for Snapchat. While it's great for keeping up with friends, and sharing experiences, it's also a great travel and discovery resource. Whether you're in a new city or your own, Snapchat can help you to literally see what's out there and close the gap between your curiosity and a new experience. With just a view, swipe, and tap, you can be on your way to be a part of something, where in the past you might have just been a spectator. This new ride sharing integration on Snapchat will literally help you get out more. Amen to that.