How To Celebrate National Rosé Day

by Megan Shepherd

I’ve got a confession to make: I used to be anti-rosé. I know, I know — I can’t believe it either. These days, how anyone could pass up a chilled glass of this saucy summer delicacy is beyond me. I love a good rosé (heck, I’d probably be into a bad one, too… ) especially in the summertime. I’ll happily accept a glass with brunch, at happy hour, even a canned rosé on the beach. It’s a darling of a drink in my eyes, and I’m always done for a glass. And get this: June 10 is National Rosé Day, which means we have plenty to cheers to this weekend. Want to observe the holiday accordingly? I got you. Here’s how to celebrate National Rosé Day in style.

If you ask me, rosé is one of the most versatile summer beverages. It’s great on its own, or in a cocktail. And don’t even get me started on rosé desserts: whether you make a frosé smoothie, freeze it into fresh fruity popsicles, or serve it with a scoop of ice cream with, rosé works for almost any occasion. Still, it can be tough to find the right rosé for your palate. If you’ve been meaning to venture out and sip something new, or just want to change up your rosé game, these festive ideas might be for you.

1. Sip A Rosé Flight

If you consider yourself a wine aficionado (good for you, fancy pants…) you might already have your go-to bottle in your back pocket. But for those of us who tend to say, “I’ll have a glass of rosé ... ” without so much as a second thought as to which kind we’d like, a rosé flight might be in order. Head to your neighborhood liquor store or wine bar and schedule an appointment with the manager or sommelier. Rosé is as nuanced as any other wine, and if you’ve been unaware or unimpressed by its range in years past, National Rosé Day might be the perfect occasion to finally figure out what you’re into.

2. Make Frosé

What’s better for summer sipping than a frozen drink on a hot day? And for an occasion like National Rosé Day, a drink like frosé isn’t just on trend, but on point, too. To make your own, you’ll need a blender, simple syrup, lemon juice and strawberries, ice cube trays, and of course, plenty of rosé (full-bodied is best).

3. Throw Your Own Pinknic

It’s not too late to grab tickets to NYC’s annual Rosé Celebration, Pinknic, but if you’re not in the Big Apple, throw your own wine-inspired soiree to celebrate National Rosé Day. Find a pink picnic blanket, serve pink foods, wear big, beachy hats, invite your squad, and let the rosé flow.

4. Schedule A Tasting

While some of the best rosé wines come from places like Rioja or Provence, there’s plenty of good stuff grown right here in the USA, too. If you live in a wine region (and odds are, you’re close to one … ) head to a vineyard and spend a day enjoying some scenic sipping.

5. Have Rosé With Every Meal

This would take some commitment on your part, but I know you can do it. Best to start off with brunch for this challenge (not that that’s much of a challenge…) and go with a nice, light rosé. For your afternoon snack, switch back to frosé. Then, for dinner, reach for something full-bodied, like a Merlot Rosé. And not that you need me to tell this, but don’t forget rule number one of Rosé Day: pace yourself and be responsible.

6. Eat Pink Food All Day Long

All that rosé is bound to leave you famished. Why not keep with the theme and do all pink all day? Show your undying respect for rosé by dedicating your entire menu to its signature color. How? Grapefruit for breakfast, a tuna poké bowl for lunch, and some glazed salmon makes the perfect spread for the occasion.