"Rosé All Day" Is An Actual Rosé That Exists Now

In a true full circle moment, the catchphrase of summers past has brought its own wine to life — in the form of this "rose all day" wine that is, quite literally, a rosé called "rosé all day". As Bustle Editor Lucia Peters observed, we have officially reached "peak rosé"; and truly, fellow basics, didn't we all see it coming for a while now? The escalation of rosé gummy bears, of frosé, of the rosé forty — didn't we all know that it would eventually lead to a moment like this one right now, when we finally flew too close to the rosy-hued, slight-chilled sun?

The cheekily-titled wine comes courtesy of Biagio Cru and Wine Spirits, and will be available in both a bottle and can at major wine retailing stores. The bottle will sell for $12.99, which is a more than reasonable price for taking the perfect 'gram — because really, we'd all be lying to ourselves if we pretended we were just drinking this stuff for the taste. And my friends, the 'grams will not disappoint — the packaging on these is minimalist AF and basically screaming for you to paint your nails pink and pose with it in your hands in front of a body of water.

Biagio Cru and Wine Spirits

"We're essentially attaching ourselves to a movement," said Biago principal Darren Restivo in a statement to Shanken News Daily. "The tag 'rosé all day' has quickly become a global phenomenon." And he's right about that — if you search "#roseallday" on Instagram, you get nearly 200,000 hits (a figure sure to skyrocket with the dawn of summer 2017 upon us).

Biagio Cru and Wine Spirits

Although The wine hails from southern France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, which is responsible for over a third of the country's wine production. So truly, if anyone knows how to ~rosé all day~, it's them.

Now, to address the real question on everyone's minds: if it already says "rosé all day" on the bottle, what on earth are we supposed to write in the Instagram caption? I'll let y'all know in June when I'm two glasses in and finally figure it out.