Celebrate Star Wars Day On 'Animal Crossing' With Flag & Theme Tune Customisations

Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

Unsurprisingly, Star Wars Day celebrations have found their way into Animal Crossing, with many players honouring the series with fantastic custom designs. But you can also change your island flag and theme tune in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to provide your island neighbours with some serious Star Wars vibes, and all it takes is a visit to your friendly pup Isabelle at your Town Hall.

Following her position as your secretary in New Leaf, Isabelle is now in charge of Resident Services where she can advise from anything to evaluating your island to discussing residents. She also provides you the opportunity to change your island flag, which is flown outside the Town Hall and the Airport, and your island tune, which is played as every hour passes and when you talk your your neighbours.

Changing your flag design integrates the familiar Design App, where you can create your own design in game or scan QR codes from other players (via the Nintendo Switch Online app). For your island's anthem, the Town Tune Maker makes a return which enables you to arrange notes into whatever theme you please.

If you're not so familiar with reading music though, there's plenty of guides online to creating iconic snippets of music, including dozens of Star Wars themes and motifs to celebrate May 4th.