7 Products & Hacks To Help You Cool Down At Night If You Don’t Have AC

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If you currently reside basically anywhere in the northern hemisphere, then you know that, despite that just-a-touch-of-fall feeling in the air, it’s still really flipping hot out there. Maybe you’re sick of it, or maybe you’re reveling in it, but regardless, lots of us are still trying to keep cool, especially at night. Because feeling clammy and sticky while trying to sleep just isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, no matter how much we may love the warm weather months. And if you don’t have access to air conditioning at home, or maybe you just prefer to limit your use, then you know that staying cool at night without AC takes some know-how.

If you've made it this far into the summer without AC, I salute you. Even if you’re a seasoned summertime sleeper, learning a few new hacks for staying cool at night doesn’t hurt, right? Because getting quality sleep every night is super important — and no one likes waking up in a pool of sweat. Here are some innovative ways to keep cool at night without AC, even as visions of pumpkin spice lattes dance in your head, so you can get some actually decent sleep.


Choose A Heat-Wicking Comforter


Freeze Your Sheets

According to Everyday Health, sticking your sheets in a plastic bag, and then tossing them into the freezer for a few minutes before turning in, can help you stay cool in the midst of these sweltering, late-summer nights.


Go With Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are the best for summertime sleeping. Everyday Health notes that cotton is super breathable, so choose light-hued, 100 percent cotton sheets for your best shot at sleeping well during the summer months.


Cool Off With A Shower Or Bath Before Bed

According to Elite Daily, the best time to shower during the summer is just before bed. And it doesn't need to be a cool shower, either — both hot or cold showers can help lower your body temperature. Once the air hits your skin as you step out of the shower, you'll get that super refreshed just-out-of-the-shower feeling. And given all the sweat and grime we're more likely to accumulate during hot summer days, it's extra awesome to snuggle into bed all clean.


Put Ice In Front Of Your Fan

Putting some ice in front of your fan is a super effective hack for cooling off without AC. Bright Nest recommends placing a large or standard-sized fan on the ground, and placing a large bucket of ice in front of it for a major low-tech cooling effect.


Nosh On Frozen Treats

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Popsicles, frozen fruit, and other cooling foods like frozen smoothies can help a ton when we need to bring our body temperatures down. Snacking on some frozen mango before bed is surprisingly sorbet-like, and is super delicious, too.


Drink Lots Of Chilled Water

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Drinking plenty of chilled water is so important during the warmer months. Not only does it help replace the fluids you lose via sweating, it helps keep your body temperature regulated, too.


There's no doubt that sleeping well during the summer months can be a challenge, and finding ways to cool off before we turn in for the night can make a huge difference in how well we sleep. But don't worry: Cooler nights and sweater weather will be here before you know it.