How To Dress Like A Royal On A Budget, Because Supermarket Fashion Makes It Surprisingly Easy

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With the Meghan and Kate effect still going strong, it's clear that the UK is obsessed with royal style. As soon as any royal woman steps outside her front door, cameras are poised and ready with fans waiting to decipher what she's wearing. But if you're wondering how to dress like a royal on a budget, how would you feel if I told you it was possible just by visiting your local supermarket?

The premise of the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle shopping for clothes at Tesco, Sainsbury's, or Asda may sound ridiculous but each store houses plenty of regal options for us commoners.

While Markle is still finding her feet in the rule-covered world of royal fashion, she has so far shown a penchant for pretty Bardot necklines, oversized shirts, and Panama hats. The Duchess of Cambridge, on the other hand, is just as revered for her casual style as for her public engagement looks which range from tea dresses to cowboy boots.

While you obviously can't pick up an exact replica of Markle or Middleton's looks at the supermarket, you can find some inspiration in the (very affordable) items on offer. Whether you opt for a sophisticated midi dress or sensible pair of heels, injecting a bit of the monarchy into your wardrobe has never been so simple. So here's my supermarket fashion guide to dressing like a royal.

The Meghan Dress

Textured Belted Midi Dress


While Meghan Markle would obviously have to get the strappy part of this adjusted for a formal event (royals aren't allowed to bare their shoulders, in case you're wondering), the midi length and warm hue is right up the Duchess of Sussex's street.

The Kate Dress

Premium Lace Dress

Sainsbury's Tu

Kate has been known to wear a yellow dress on more than a few royal tours, donning a Roksanda Ilincic design on her 2014 trip to Australia, and a canary yellow Jenny Packham number on her 2017 tour of Berlin . The hemline of this piece makes it very royal friendly, though the price point is a little higher than usual for supermarket fashion as it's part of Tu's premium range.

Boots Fit For A Duchess

Western Pointed Toe Ankle Boots


Kate Middleton has been wearing cowboy boots since her early days with Prince William. This brown ankle-length pair give a nod to the royal preference.

A Panama Hat

Panama Hat


Markle absolutely adores wearing panama hats when all eyes aren't on her. She was most recently spotted wearing one at a polo match. This one was technically designed for men but a hat's a hat, right?

Royal Tour Essentials

F&F Polka Dot Asymmetric Skirt


When the royals go on tour, their wardrobe varies depending on the formality of their commitment. This spotted skirt is still smart enough for meeting political leaders but its asymmetric length adds a touch of fun for the younger generation of royals.

A Day Of Visits

Roll Sleeve Blouse


Even before becoming an official member of the royal family, Markle loved to wear an oversized shirt every now and then. So I'm pretty sure she'd be into this loose navy style, which would work for a more informal visit.

Sensible Heels

F&F Snakeskin Effect Heeled Sandals


When you're on your feet all day, the last thing you want to wear is heels that are going to give you blisters the minute you stand up. Royal women always wear heels that are high enough to not be regarded as 'mumsy' but not high enough to risk breaking their ankles. This pair in particular are reminiscent of Kate's sandals on her 2017 tour of Berlin.

A K-Mid Jacket

Collarless Quilted Jacket


I can totally see the Duchess of Cambridge strolling around in this orange jacket on a casual day out from the palace. Its collarless neckline adds a sense of elegance with the bright colour being perfect for cooler summer days.

A Clutch Bag Alternative

Cross Body Bag


It's a well-known fact that royal women carry clutch bags so as to avoid awkward handshakes when out in public. However, Markle has tried to avert the rules so far, making this bag that can be styled across the body or carried as a clutch the perfect accessory. (Plus the Duchess of Cambridge appears to love this colour.)

The "Two-Piece" Dress

Grey Double Layer Lace Dress


Kate has been known to wear several dresses with this kind of layer that gives the impression of two matching separates. The length and cap sleeves make this a perfect royal adjacent look for formal occasions.

Royal Florals

Floral Wrap Dress


Although royal women tend to stick to block colours, they do occasionally choose a subtle print. This black wrap dress is suitably demure (which will surely please the Queen) but is far from boring.

The Markle Neckline

Black Triangle Print Shirring Bardot Top


It's clear that Markle's fashion choices so far that she loves a Bardot neckline. And while this top comes in a louder summertime print, the Duchess would probably have to opt for the above monochrome version.

Regal Trainers

F&F Active Matte Trim Knitted Trainers


I'm not sure if there's any such thing as trainers for the royal family but Kate Middleton sure likes to wear a neutral pair when she goes on a more sporty engagement or takes on her husband on the running track.

So if your deeply held desire is to emulate the Markle and Middleton look, these options can give you good vibes on a budget. Good luck.