Here’s How You Can Find The Closest Women’s March Near You This Year

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The 2017 Women's March was an iconic turning point not just for women, but for the entire country. When over five million women put on their sneakers and their pink hats to march on Jan. 21, 2017 and stand up for their equal rights and to ensure their future, a revolution was born and a movement was put into motion. It was the largest non-violent organized protest in American history, and one of the largest in the world. With the one year anniversary almost here, you're probably wondering how to join a 2018 Women's March near you on Jan. 20, 2018, to reinvigorate and carry on the spirit that was conjured last year.

All across the nation, cities are coordinating 2018 Women's Marches to make it easy for people to participate. Chances are, if you live near a city, you're not far from a Women's March. Thus far, nearly 700 sister marches have been accounted for in 2018, proving that momentum has not been lost and the spirit is still strong. But while the objective is still clear, our voices are stronger together. So find a march near you, and add your voice to the chorus. Let's remind the people in power what they owe us, and let's remind the people of the country what they deserve. Here's how to get involved:

Head To Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Women's March Anniversary will officially take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, a swing state that could really use some inspiration from the march to guide the 2018 senate. This specific march comes with an agenda to influence the polls — #PowerToThePolls. As a state that has recently experienced gun violence and sexual assault issues, organizers find this march's objective imperative. The march will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., marking the beginning of a national voter registration tour.

Check The Women's March Map

If you are unable to make it to Las Vegas, you can find an anniversary event near you on the official Women's March affiliate map. Such events include: rallies, marches, community get-togethers and speaking engagements.

Search For A March On Facebook


Head to Events on Facebook and type "Women's March Anniversary" or "Women's March 2.0" into the search bar. There, you should find a variety of events, both near and far, form organizations big and small. Plus, you can also find local groups and chapters to join, so that you can stay in the know about upcoming events and causes.

Find A Sister Alliance

While the Women's March organization is the official hub of the movement, there are plenty of certifiable sister marches and alliance programs that are worth getting involved in — especially if you can't make it to Las Vegas. Check out a list of related marches, rallies and alliance groups here.

Turn To Social Media

If you can't attend a march, remember that social media can be a great platform to share your voice, too. Instead of making a sign to carry, make a meme to share on social media that reflects your personal supportive views of the Women's March.

Pick A March With An Objective

Female-lead political organizations like March On The Polls and Power To The Polls help activists find marches with strong objectives tied to the 2018 senate elections. If you're looking for an opportunity to influence politics, you'll want to find a march through one of these sites. There, you can also connect with like-minded women who continue the fight between marches.


The organizers of the Women's March are working hard to host an inaugural women's convention in Washington. This convention will feature movement leaders, relevant politicians, and grassroots leaders who will all come together to work with women from all over the country to strategize our goals toward equality. Donating will help keep ticket costs down, and will help to support the speakers and hosts of the event, making it as large and impactful as possible. Any amount helps!

Make A Sign

If you plan on attending a march or a rally, having a clever or evocative sign is important. Find a specific cause that's important to you, and share your opinion on your sign. It's hard to stand out when you're with thousands of other women, chanting together, but it's important to share your personal story and let other people know why you're there, specifically. Your sign is your voice in a situation like this.