How To Find The Dogtober Events Happening In Your Area

Dogtober events are taking place across the country in the month of October.

If you're keen to get involved in Dogtober — the animal advocacy month during which time animal welfare organizations raise money and shelters offer reduce fees for perspective dog parents — there are tons of Dogtober events around the country to do so in. And why not?The combination of philanthropy, dogs, and fall-themed drinks is easily one of the best combinations there is. More pups and hops and hope please!

In an effort to both support the shelters that are saving dog's lives every day, and the organizations that help to protect our dogs and keep them healthy, many Dogtober events will include fundraising opportunities. While all Dogtober events are different, many of them also include crafts and entertainment for humans and pets to enjoy together. Because there's really no better way to get the community together than by giving dog owners and dog lovers a chance to spend time together and support a worthy cause. Clear the schedule for you and your pooch this weekend, here's how to find a Dogtober event near you.

Check Your Local Facebook Event Pages


Many Dogtober events are posted as Facebook events, so that event organizers can get a good idea of who is interested and who is planning on showing up. It also gives people who are attending the events a chance to connect with each other.

Head to the events tab on Facebook and type in "Dogtober 2019." Your search results will include local events. You'll find that most are on the weekends in the late afternoon, and many of them are in breweries or local parks. If you find and event that looks good and it's public, feel free to share it with your fellow dog owners are lovers.

Check In With Your Local Animal Shelter


Many animal shelters and organizations are hosting on-site events to raise money for their provided services. Whether it's a fun fair, or an adoption sale, you'll want to support the local organizations that are throwing events this month, as they're counting on their communities to spread the word and show up for them. You can call, check on their Facebook or Instagram pages, or check on their personal websites for announcements and events. Some shelters and organizations that aren't hosting on-site events will have booths or tables at larger community events, so it's important to get in touch and see how you can show your support, no matter what they have planned.

Check The Dog Park For Signs


Check out your local dog parks, pet stores and public parks for signs about Dogtober activities. Local businesses and organizations who are hosting events might leave signs and flyers around these areas. Getting the 411 on Dogtober activities is also a great way to strike up a conversation with a fellow dog owner at the dog park this month.

Check In With Your Local Brewery


In the spirit of the original Oktoberfest, many Dogtoberfest events are being hosted by breweries. Check with your local breweries to see if they're having a dog-friendly event during the month of October. Many events will also donate a portion of sales to a dog shelter or animal welfare organization, so you'll want to ask about these opportunities because day drinking and supporting a dog's charity is a double weekend win in October.

Search Eventbrite For Tickets


While most Dogtober events are free, some festivals have a small ticket price (which you might be able to find on Eventbrite). A portion of proceeds from the festival tickets will go toward supporting an animal shelter or welfare organization. Just type in "Dogtober" into the search bar on the top lefthand corner of the Eventbrite search page, add in your location and scroll through local events.

Check In With Pet-Friendly Businesses


Many pet friend businesses will likely be hosting special Dogtober events this month, so call that local restaurant or bookstore that allows dogs and see what they're up to. You'll also want to check your local paper for Dogtober events because some businesses that aren't typically dog-friendly might be opening their doors to the four-legged community for this special event.