Here's Everything You Can Buy From Snapchat's New Snap Store

Snap Inc.

Snapchat's latest new feature is making the app even more interactive and personal. Today, February 1st, Snapchat launched the Snap Store, which is your one-stop shop to buy all of the Snapchat merch you never realized you needed until just now. Users could previously purchase limited edition Snapchat merch from Amazon, but there is now a dedicated spot for even more branded items — and they're actually all really, really cute. Now the only question left is this: what can you buy from the Snapchat Snap Store?

First, though, you should probably know how to access the Snap Store. While it can be opened in the app itself, but first you need a Snap code. You can find Snap codes on the official Snap Store website (which is right here). Once you're there, open up the app, point the phone at the Snap code, and press and hold the screen until it's scanned. Once scanned, the Snap Store opens in the app, giving you the ability to purchase merch right there.

At the time of launch, the store offers five items, all of which are surprisingly pretty awesome for branded merchandise. Although it's unclear how long they'll be available for, the official word from Snapchat is that items will vary from week to week, with new items becoming available all the time. So, if you absolutely love something, you're better off getting it sooner rather than later, just in case.

So what's available for purchase right now? Check it out:

Dancing Hot Dog Plushie, $19.99

Remember the infamous Dancing Hot Dog from Snapchat? This little guy made an appearance on basically everyone's photos, and now, you can own the plushie for yourself. You can even take his bun off if you want to get scandalous.

Dog Lens Tee, $29.99

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Snapchat's most popular and beloved filter has made it onto some merch. The fact that the visual is tiny and in the corner of the shirt makes it even cuter.

Bring Back Best Friends Sweatshirt, $49.99

Is this a sign that Snapchat has heard our pleas and decided to bring back the best friends feature? Maybe not, but one can dream. This sweatshirt is pretty perfect.

Streak Hat, $29.99

If you don't have a Snapchat Streak with somebody, do you really use Snapchat? Even if you don't, you have to admit this hat is very cute.

Winkface Sweatshirt, $49.99

This play on the cute dancing ghost that Snapchat is known for is pretty much the cutest sweatshirt ever made.

Unfortunately, as of launch, the Snap Store will only be shipping to the United States — but who knows? That could change at some point!

Oh, and to get you started, I've got the Snap code you can scan to get taken into the Snap Store in the app. Just open the app, hold the camera up to the code, scan, and you're ready to start shopping.

Which item are you going to purchase? Personally, I'm thinking all of them.