Snapchat’s New Snap Store Is Offering Exclusive Products & Here’s How To Find It

Snap Inc.

Exciting news for Snapchat fans: the app is about to take things to a whole different level, and you definitely don't want to miss out on its newest update. The app has always been known for its visuals (i.e.: dancing hot dog, fake puppy dog ears, etc.), and now they could be part of your wardrobe and not just your online selfies. To be more specific: Snapchat is introducing a Snap Store, which is good news for you and bad news for your wallet. But, what exactly is the Snap Store?

The Snap Store is the newest feature in the app, hitting the web on Feb. 1. To put it simply, the Snap Store allows users to purchase official Snapchat merch from the app — something what was previously only doable through Amazon. Yes, that means you could get your very own winking sweatshirt based on the logo of the app (which, honestly, is adorable whether you're a fan of the app or not), directly from the app!

Some of you might be aware that Snapchat has already been selling limited quantities of branded items on Amazon, like a backpack, ghost plushies, and even a Dancing Hot Dog Halloween costume. So what's so special about the Snap Store? Simply, it's offering new items that can't be purchased anywhere else, and it's going to be available on the app for users to access by scanning a simple scan code. Just take a look at this sweatshirt. It's adorable!

Courtesy of Snapchat

Here's how it works: To access the Snap Store, users have to "unlock" it, much like most awesome content out in the world. And, to unlock the store, you have to scan a special Snap code, which lives on the official store website. So, to access one, go to the store site (, find the code, open the app on your phone, and scan said Snapcode using your app. (To scan the code, simply open the app, point your camera at the Snapcode, and press and hold the screen — or, take a photo of the code.)

Once you scan the Snap code, the Snap Store will open up in the app, giving you the opportunity to purchase merch. The Snap codes will update as new products get added. You might also find the Snap Store in the Discover feed once in a while when new items are available.

The Snap Store is launching today, and so far five items are available: a Dancing Hot Dog Plushie ($19.99), a Winkface Sweatshirt ($49.99), a Dog Lens Tee ($29.99), a Streak Hat ($29.99), and my personal favorite, the Bring Back Best Friends Sweatshirt ($49.99).

Courtesy of Snapchat

If you find something you love, you'll want to make sure you buy it quickly. According to Snapchat, the merch will vary from week to week, with new items being added and some being taken away. So, basically, you'll want to check back often and not wait to nab items you like.

The Snap Store is only shipping to the United States right now, so if you live in another country, you won't be able to take part in the fun. But hey, that could change at some point!

Courtesy of Snapchat

Plus, to make things easier for you, Snapchat sent over the Snap code to access the Snap Store right here, so you don't even need to go to the Snapchat website! Simply open your app, point it at the code below, and scan away. Once scanned, your app will open up the Snap Store — and you're ready to purchase away!

Snap Inc.

I don't know about you, but that "Bring Back Best Friends" sweatshirt and hot dog plushie are on the top of my list! Get 'em while you can, friends.