Here's How To Find Your "Quarantine Nickname"

Shutterstock/Twitter @theyearofelan

As many of us across the country are still easing into the concept of social distancing in an effort to flatten the curve during the novel coronavirus outbreak, it's clear that we're in need of a little (OK... a lot of) humor. Just in the past week, countless tweets and memes about not wearing pajamas during virtual meetings, not moving from the couch, and how to flirt with someone while social distancing, have gone viral. And now, we have "quarantine nicknames" to collectively take our minds off the pandemic spreading.

How To Come Up With Your "Quarantine Nickname"

The fun started when author and TV producer Elan Gale, who is best known for his work on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, tweeted: "Your quarantine nickname is how you feel right now + the last thing you ate out of the cupboard. Gale's nickname? "You can call me 'angry chili mango."

And because sticking to only the cupboard is pretty limiting, it wasn't long before people opened up their nicknames to include items in the fridge and freezer because, we all need options during these trying times. Comedian Kathy Griffin chimed in to let everyone that she was, "Determined mint chip ice cream." Even singer/songwriter Richard Marx wanted in on the fun, tweeting, "Randy Pretzel."

Below you'll find a roundup of the best "quarantine nicknames". Because we all deserve a few laugh-out-loud worthy tweets that sum up exactly how we feel combined with what we last ate.

1. Edgy Spaghetti

2. Exhausted Twinkie

3. Pissed Off Twizzlers

4. Pissed Cognac & Brownie

5. Horny Kit Kat

6. Tense Winter Squash Soup

7. Outraged Benadryl

8. Nervous Nachos

9. Tipsy Chicken Wing

10. Anxious Dark Chocolate M&Ms

11. Scared Kalamata Olive

12. Angry Slim Jim

13. Disappointed Protein Bar

14. Resentful Cheese

15. Enraged Frozen Pizza

16. Annoyed Mac & Cheese

17. Devastated Chicken Soup

18. Stressed Banana Muffin

19. Hyper Belvita

20. Lazy Scone