Subway Is Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Free Six-Inch Subs — Here’s How To Get One

It's Valentine's Day — a 24-hour period that either leaves people with hearts in their eyes, or sitting on the couch sobbing hysterically. Regardless of your feelings toward the most romantic holiday, there's one thing we all love: free food. If you want to score some delicious eats today, you can get free Subway for Valentine's Day, and make all your lunchtime dreams come true.

Subway is calling it Customer Appreciation Day, but let's be real: it's more like Valentine's Day Sucks For Some Of Us So Here's A Free Sandwich Day. From 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at participating locations, buy a six-inch sub or flatbread sandwich and get another one of equal or lower price for free, according to their website. Go with a friend. Eat it all yourself. It's always a good time for free sammies. There's one catch, though: this is only in the UK.

That's all fine and dandy for people across the pond, but what do we get in the states? Fear not. Although there doesn't seem to be a Subway promotion going on in the Americas, you can still score plenty of delicious food on the cheap and even for free. Here are seven places you can stop at today and grab a little nibble.

Aunt Annie's

According to a press release, today only, not only is Aunt Annie bringing back heart-shaped original and cinnamon sugar pretzels, but if you're a member of their My Pretzel Perks program, you can buy one and get one free. Don't forget the dipping sauce.

Halo Top

This year, Halo Top and Postmates teamed up to bring you a free pint of ice cream with every Postmates Fresh order in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and NYC, they explain in a blog post. As an added bonus, enter the code TOPITOFF and they'll waive your delivery free. Plus, you get to feel good about yourself because there's typically 20 to 24 grams of protein per pint, which is basically like eating chicken. So, Halo Top = good for you.


Per their Facebook, when you exchange a kiss with someone at checkout, you can purchase an entree and get a second one for free. Wait — it gets better. Post a photo of you kissing someone (or... something) with the hashtag #QdobaForAKiss, and they'll donate a buck to No Kid Hungry. Yes, you can literally kiss your burrito and they'll still donate.

Firehouse Subs

Today only, when you present your coupon to the cashier, you can score a free dessert, Firehouse explains on Facebook. They posted the coupon on their page, so save it and go get yourself a free cookie. You deserve a free cookie.

Jack in the Box

Starting at 8:00 a.m. PST, the first 500 people to tweet the taco and phone emojis to the fast food chain will receive a code for free delivery with Doordash. Note that there is a $10 minimum, says their website. But hey, free delivery is a major win. Plus, $10 goes a long way with fast food. That's a huge lunch and possibly even dinner later on.

Chuck E. Cheese's

According to their Instagram post, if you purchase a $25 gift card, you get cotton candy for free. Grab it for your kid, or pretend you have a kid and eat it in your car. Either way works.


Hooters' Shred Your Ex is legendary. They explain on Facebook that you can bring in a pic of your ex, run it through the shredder, and get 10 free wings when you buy 10. You get to destroy evidence of your ex and get extra wings for free, and that's a major win in my book. +10 points for you, Hooters.