How To Get Free Ben & Jerry's On Tuesday
by Lily Feinn
Photo taken in Bangkok, Thailand
Phanu Ratn Phung Kracang / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Rising temperatures and sunny days means — you guessed it — the start of ice cream season! To celebrate, scoops of the frosty treat will be handed out on April 4 at zero cost. Wondering how to get free Ben & Jerry's on Free Cone Day 2017? You will want to be sure to make a special trip to your local scoop shop this Tuesday, because a cup or cone of complimentary Cherry Garcia (or Cookie Dough, or whatever your favorite flavor might be) is really not to be missed! When else can you get something so delicious for literally nothing?

Once a year, Ben & Jerry's gives back to fans around the world with an icy scoop of heaven at no cost. They might as well make Free Cone Day a national holiday already, because there are few things in life that make people more excited (although to be fair, free coffee comes pretty close). Free Cone Day has been around for a surprisingly long time. The very first event was held in 1979, a mere year after the Vermont-based ice cream purveyor had begun its business. Over the past 38 years, Free Cone Day has grown to international proportions, so no matter where you live, you will be able to find a participating Scoop Shop and make your Phish Food dreams come true.

Exactly how, pray tell, can you get your mitts on a gratis ice cream cone and relive some of that childhood glory? Just follow these quick and simple directions and a scoop of that tasty cold stuff will be all yours:


Mark Your Calendar

Free Cone Day is happening on Tuesday, April 4 this year, so be sure to mark your calendar, set a Google alert, or tell Alexa to add it to your schedule so as not to miss this fantastic deal. You can even RSVP to the event on Facebook and help spread the word to family and friends via social media. The promotion will start at 12 p.m. at participating Scoop Shops and end at 8 p.m., so whether you pop out on a lunch break or make a special trip after work, be sure to find the time to get your Cookie Dough on.


Find A Participating Scoop Shop

Take a moment to check Free Cone Day's website to find the participating Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop closest to you. Sadly, not all of the locations will be doling out free product tomorrow, so you may have to make a special trip. My closest scoop shop is over seven and a half miles away, which is quite a hike. I will need to allot extra time tomorrow for travel and the possibility of a long line at the location. I'm not worried, though, because one scoop of Chocolate Therapy and all will be well in the world.


Pick Your Flavor (V. Important!)

Not to put too much pressure on you, but you've gotta make it count. With a multitude of flavors to choose from, this may require some serious consideration. My best advice? Start planning early and head to the closest participating Scoop Shop's website to check out their flavor menu. Strongly in one flavor camp already? This year, Ben & Jerry's is encouraging you to "Tweet your flavor" so you can broadcast your pick over social media.


Enjoy Your Free Cone!

After heading to your nearest scoop shop and waiting in what will most likely be a very long line (pro tip: make sure your phone is fully charged before you go), you can finally welcome spring properly by enjoying a mouth-watering scoop of you fave Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Use the hashtag #FreeConesDay to express your unfiltered joy. Glorious chilled milk, cream and sugar — we could not live without thee!