You Can Get Free Panera Bagels For The Rest Of The Year — Here's How


Whether or not breakfast is *truly* the most important meal of the day is a topic of much debate. But, nobody will deny a good breakfast can make your morning routine all the more pleasant. For folks on the go, sitting down to a full fry-up of eggs, bacon, and pancakes isn't all that realistic. For those who need to get up and get out in the morning, there is one true perfect breakfast food: the bagel. Now, it's made all the more perfect knowing you can get a free bagel from Panera every day from now until the end of the year.

To take advantage of the free bagel promotion, all you need to do is sign up for a free MyPanera account. Per a press release from Panera, every new member who signs up in December 2018 is eligible for one free bagel from now until the end of 2018, redeemable through their MyPanera card. The best part? You don't even have to make a purchase to redeem the free bagel; you can roll right in, take your carbs, and go.

If you're concerned that maybe you'll tire of the same old breakfast every day, think again. When Panera makes bagels, they go all out, and craft countless creative flavors. Sure, you can get an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato, but you can also get a cherry vanilla bagel with jam or a sprouted grain bagel flat if you're looking for something lighter.

To register for a My Panera account — and therefore qualify for a free bagel — all you need to do is long on to There is a button in the top right corner of the screen that reads "Join MyPanera"; the button is also front and center atop a photo of bagels when you go to during the promotion.

You'll be directed to provide some basic information, then voila! You're a member. More importantly, you get a bagel, and you get (another) bagel.

But the perks to membership don't end with bread; a MyPanera club membership offers countless other special benefits. Through the complementary app, you can get "personalized rewards for the food you love" and purchase most often. Your progress will be recorded online on your MyPanera account, and at the bottom of your receipt. You can save your favorite menu items to expedite ordering or order in advance and pick up once you get to the cafe. Plus, you will be given access to exclusive sneak peeks, updates to the menu, and information on what is going on at your local Panera Bread. An account is also the easiest way to give feedback on what could improve your Panera experience.

Emma Lord/Bustle

It makes sense Panera is finishing 2018 with a bang. The chain has been up to some pretty exciting stuff all year. Perhaps the most notable development didn't even involve bread at all. In September, Panera introduced Build Your Own Mac and Cheese on its website and its app. A deviation from classics like soup and sandwiches, Panera's Mc and Cheese is made with tender pasta and rich Vermont White Cheddar. Delicious in itself, now the dish can come dressed up with anything from avocado to pulled bbq chicken. You can get it delivered, too, of course.

You have 20 more days to get a free bagel from Panera. What are you having for lunch today?