KKW Fragrance Is Now Shipping For Free

Black Friday is here, and while some may be out braving the crowds, dodging shopping carts, and trying on clothes, others are shopping online. One of those online deals involves one of the internet's most talked about products. The KKW Crystal Gardenia Fragrance Black Friday deal sale is real, but you'll need to know how to score it in order to get in.

For fans of both KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance, Kim Kardashian's Black Friday deal is perfect. When you shop the KKW Beauty Black Friday sale, you'll be sent a code to score 10 percent off an international order or free shipping within the United State on KKW Fragrance. If you were planning to shop one, why not shop the other?

Not only do you have a chance to get a discount or free shipping, but you actually have a chance to score the once sold-out product. Until Thursday, Nov. 23, the KKW Fragrance was totally gone in all three scents — Crystal Gardenia, Citrus, and Oud. Kardashian, however, clearly wasn't having her fans disappointed before the holidays. She announced on Twitter that while she never intended to launch the product more than once, she would, in fact, be restocking Crystal Gardenia. The reason? She was able to quickly produce more. Talk about a holiday miracle, right?

The best part about the KKW Fragrance free shipping deal? You're also able to take advantage of KKW Beauty's Black Friday sale. Kardashian's beauty brand is hosting a 20 to 30 percent off sale on every single product on the site. In order to shop, you'll need to do so before the Black Friday deal ends at 11:59pm PT/2:59pm ET.

There is no coupon code required for the sale, either. Simply add the items you'd like to purchase to your cart, head to check-out, and the savings will be there. Super easy, right? Once you receive your confirmation from KKW Beauty you'll get your free shipping or 10 percent off code from KKW Fragrance. What a perk!

KKW Fragrance's international fans will be ultra happy with the discount. Some fans were unhappy with $16 shipping assigned to international regions. Now, however, while those fans aren't granted totally free shipping on their orders, they are snagging 10 percent off their Crystal Gardenia orders which will help mitigate the price a bit.

If you're curious just how much KKW Fragrance's sales have made Kardashian and how much Black Friday shopping could increase her bottom line, the KKW Beauty team is not commenting on sales numbers according to a statement to Bustle. That, however, has not stopped people from making guesses. According to TMZ, Kardashian made a cool $10 million in a single day off the perfume sales, and that was without them selling out. Now, those additional sales as well as Black Friday sales will be added to the alleged total. It's great to be a Kardashian, right?

Fans of Kardashians don't seem to be concerned with those figures, however. They're just excited to be able to shop the restock.

Kardashian lovers scooped up Crystal Gardenia like it was a party.

Others used the restock as a way to complete their collections and be the proud owner of all three fragrances.

Clearly, KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance are the brands that keep on giving during Black Friday. Not only can you shop one's discount, but you can snag free shipping on the other. It's like an early holiday gift from contour queen and beauty icon Kim Kardashian.

Remember, if you want to shop, head to KKW Beauty first. Once you check out and receive your confirmation, you'll be given the KKW Fragrance free shipping code. Congratulations on officially smelling like a Kardashian.