Kim's Crystal Gardenia Perfume Wasn't Limited Edition After All

Kim Kardashian's beauty empire grew during the holiday season. The iconic — yes, iconic, have you seen her contour? — expanded from makeup to fragrance. The Crystal Gardenia KKW Fragrances came in with a bang earlier this month, and it seemingly went out with one, too. The one-time run of the Crystal Gardenia trio of scents sold out in less than three days, and while there was much fanfare about just how limited edition this fragrance was, it's apparently not a one-time release after all.

On Nov. 21, Kardashian took to her Twitter account to announce that the limited edition product will, in fact, be coming back. According to her tweet, a limited quantity was able to be produced on short notice, and they will be coming back. Whether you believe these perfumes always existed or you think they truly produced them in a few short days, it doesn't matter that much because the big news here is a KKW Fragrance reprise is a go — and this time, you 100 percent have to move fast.

When can you buy KKW Crystal Gardenia fragrance? According to both Kardashian's Twitter and the KKW Fragrance Instagram, the restock will be Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23 at 9 a.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Talk about a reason to give thanks, right?

A big question is whether or not all three Crystal Gardenia fragrances — original, citrus, and oud — will be restocked. In more good news for fans, the answer is yes! All three of the scents are coming back to the KKW Fragrance website. In fact, both Crystal Gardenia and Crystal Gardenia Citrus are getting their two sizes restocked — 30mL and 75 mL.

Kardashian genuinely seemed surprised at the massive amount of support from her fans. On Twitter, she explained that she couldn't believe how quickly all three fragrances sold out. For those on social media, however, the disappearance of Crystal Gardenia isn't exactly shocking. The social media response to the launch was next level.

Now that a restock is happening, the pandemonium has ensued once again with fans lavishing praise on Kardashian for giving them another shot at the scent.

Some fans, however, are lamenting that with such short notice, their bank account is woefully short of the cash needed to purchase the fragrance.

Others, however, simply can't resist the call of Crystal Gardenia despite trying to resist the hype.

Other lucky KKW Fragrance fans were able to snag some of the fragrances during the initial launch. Now, they're simply completing their collection thanks to Kardashian's Crystal Gardenia fragrance.

If you're one of the fans longing to get your hands on KKW, where can you shop the restock? It's only available in one place. The KKW Fragrance site is the only online retailer where you can purchase the fragrance. According to the brand's Instagram, a limited quantity is being sold at the Violet Grey LA store. If you're on the West Coast and in Los Angeles, you can be one of the few to smell the scent before you purchase it.

If you're thinking that this restock means even more will be coming after, you may want to rethink your position. Kardashian herself mentioned on Twitter that the original idea for the fragrance was to only launch once in limited quantities. This seems to imply that KKW and Violet Grey wanted to keep the fragrance exclusive. If that's truly the case, a single restock would be a great final hoorah, but a subsequent one is highly unlikely.

If you love KKW and want her Crystal Gardenia fragrance, you've got one more shot. Mark your calendar for Nov. 23, and get ready to smell like a Kardashian.