You Can Create Kate Middleton's Zoom-Worthy Brows With Just Two Products

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They always say that brows are sisters, not twins, but I've always felt that mine are more like distant cousins. For this reason, I'm constantly on the lookout for new ways to 'wear' my brows, and how to improve their symmetry and overall appearance. One famous face who has always done it well is The Duchess of Sussex, and she's really been earning her brow stripes during lockdown on her Zoom calls. If you want to get brows like Kate Middleton, it may actually be simpler than you think.

Brows really stand out on virtual Zoom calls, meaning they can make a statement in either the best or the worst way. Recently, Kate has been using her arches to her advantage, letting them grow a little thicker and making them a touch darker to really stand out.

Bobbi Brown's senior pro artist, Warren Dowdall, dubbed the look 'mounted brows' while in conversation with Glamour UK, explaining:

"It’s about adding structure and soft definition with 3D texture but being mindful to not create heaviness. And Kate has really got this trend spot on with her brow shape and product application."

Benefit Global Brow Expert, Jared Bailey agrees, as he told me:

"Whether it’s on Zoom, social media, or even inside the walls of Kensington Palace, brows [during lockdown] are getting bigger and somewhat more delicate in shape as we’ve recently seen on Kate Middleton."

He continues: "The Duchess has recently been seen online with a thicker, more linear brow shape, along with a gentle taper as it moves from the soft rounded arch to the end of her brow. And just like her outfits, these are the brows people throughout the world want to wear right now."

The good news is that Kate's brows are easy to recreate if you know how. Luckily for us, Bailey shared his step-by-step guide, which will help you get the royal-worthy arches you've always dreamed of — and you'll only need two products.

  • "To start, you’ll need to map out your brows to find where your brow should arch. Simply take your favourite brow pencil and line it up with the outer portion of your nose and measure across the center of your pupil and it will touch where your brow is naturally the highest. Make a tiny mark there."
  • "Next, use a super fine micro-liner in a undertone that matches your hair colour and begin to lightly sketch the base of your brow. Gently flick along the base of your brow from the start to the point that you mapped out using the orbital bone as your guide. The key to pulling off this more modern shape is to not expose too much of your brow bone. This instantly thickens your brow shape while still keeping the eye open."
  • "After you create the base, use the same micro-liner to make small hair-like strokes in the areas that may be a bit more bare between the newly defined base and your actual brow hairs. To keep it from looking too harsh or heavy, make sure you leave little pops of flesh in-between each stroke so it resembles the look of real hair."
  • "To keep the brow soft and full like Kate's, avoid using pencils or pomades to define the front and top of the brow and instead reach for a fibre based brow gel. It’s best to choose a shade of gel that isn’t a true match to the pencil. Variegating the colour will help bring natural dimension to the brow. Keep the undertones the same (cool, warm, or neutral) but go either two shades deeper or two shades lighter than you did with your pencil. The deeper shade will be slightly more dramatic whereas the lighter shade will be slightly more natural."
  • "After you pick the right shade, gently brush the gel through the brows from the start all the way to the end. If there are still a few spots that look a little sparse, simply stipple a bit of the gel onto the skin with the wand and then brush through."

Et voila! Duchess-worthy brows.

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