Experts Say This Can Help A Dog Stop Shedding

Adorable brown and white basenji dog smiling and giving a high five isolated on white

How many times have you gone out of the house, looked down at your outfit, and realized that the hair of your pooch is covering you like a jumpsuit? Too barkin' many. So you either have to get rid of the dog, which is obvs not an option, or figure out how to get your dog to stop shedding. Or at least, get a hold on the situation.

As Wag! advisory board member and dog behaviorist Robert Cabral, tells Bustle, all dogs shed, whether their fur is long or short. It's natural. All you have to do is have your dog groomed.

"If you're not grooming your dog on a regular schedule, they are more likely to have a shedding problem," Cabral says. "If, in between professional grooming, you are bathing and brushing and your dog is on a healthy diet with added supplements, you should see the amount of fur he sheds lessen."

Cabral says that if even after grooming on a consistent basis, your dog still has problems with excess shedding, don't hesitate to look into a new diet and supplements for a healthy coat.

Below, look at some of the steps you can take to get that hair problem under control.


Brush That Pup


Use a brush specifically for your dog’s coat and brush your pup every day, Cabral says. Bring your pup out to the porch and spend a little QT as you get rid of the extra daily fur. This is one of the most important ways to keep shedding under control, so try to be consistent, even though it seems like a big ask.

"This will remove excess fur each day before it drops off all over your clothing, floors, or furniture," Cabral says. "De-shedding brushes are available at your local pet store."


Bathe Your Pooch

It's true, not all dogs love to get into the bathtub. But it's going to help keep the fur under control.

"Give your dog regular baths to keep loose hair off. Bathing on a regular basis with a good dog shampoo will also keep the skin healthy," Cabral says. "Skin that is healthy will retain a healthy coat as well."

But unlike brushing the coat, you don't need to do this as frequently. "Be careful not to bathe your dog too often as that may also create dry skin which could cause itching and his fur to shed," Cabral says.


Pay Attention To Their Diet


Yes, you might have to look into the type of kibble your pouring into your furry pal's bowl, too. Like it does for humans, food affects everything. And you know what else might help? Some vitamins and minerals. Yup, supplements are not just for you and me.

"Give your dog omega-3 fatty acid supplements or fish oil on a regular basis to improve his coat and his skin," Cabral says. "You can also add flax seed to your dog's diet, which will improve dry and flaky skin, stopping fur from falling out unnecessarily."


Use Some Wet Wipes On Rover

Another good idea, Cabral says, is to use a wet paper towel or a wet wipe safe for your dog’s skin to wipe any excess fur off your dog each day during a simple petting moment.

"Again, dogs don't need baths every day or even every week," Cabral says. "So a wet wipe can help remove excess fur sitting on top of the coat before it gets all over your house or your clothing."


Waterless Shampoo Works On Your Dog, Too


Another way to keep your dog's fur clean and dry is to use dry shampoo. And you thought that was just for the days you could not deal with getting into the shower before work, amirite? It will also leave a lovely scent on your doggo, and there are special ones just for pups.

"Between grooming and baths, use waterless shampoo to keep the fur clean," Cabral says. "This will also help to remove any loose fur."


Canines Need Blow-Outs, Too

Dogs who have a thick undercoat will typically shed their coat at least twice a year, Cabral says. This often happens before the warmer months and change of seasons.

"Give your dog a good blowout when you see their undercoat starting to blow," Cabral says. "Blowing out your dog's undercoat will prevent huge clumps of undercoat falling and shedding as well as the undercoat and hair shedding together."

This is the time of year your dog will shed more the normal. A good blowout can help prevent this.

There you have it! Your dog will not only stop all that shedding, but probably be the best smelling, shiniest pup in town.