How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage In 6 Easy Steps

by Miki Hayes
Miki Hayes

Choosing the right skin care can help brighten and tone your skin, it's true. But do you ever give yourself a facial massage to give your skin an extra boost? Because if you're going to be rubbing products into your skin anyway, you might as well use techniques that will help get your blood flowing and impart a variety of benefits. So to find out how you should be massaging your face and what exactly it does for your skin, I emailed with Dr. Clarissa Shetler and Christine Falsetti, PhD, founders of C2 California Clean, and Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, NYC-based cosmetic dermatologist.

According to Dr. Nussbaum, facial massages are great because not only do they stimulate firmness and lymphatic drainage (which is basically white blood cells draining toxins from the area), but it can also help "relax the facial muscles to decrease fine lines and wrinkles." However, Drs. Shetler and Falsetti add that because facial massage is essentially tugging on your skin, it is important to maintain a gentle touch so as to help tighten facial muscles rather than exacerbate any signs of aging. But as long as you wash both your hands and face, and apply a moisturizer or serum on both your hands and face before starting, say all three experts, you'll be able to mitigate tugging and spreading bacteria, and even help your products penetrate more efficiently. Curious what techniques to use? Here are six motions to try the next time you give yourself a facial massage:

1. Sweeping Motions Across Your Forehead

Miki Hayes

To help lift the skin along the forehead, all three experts recommend using sweeping motions from your brow bone to your hairline. The key, says Dr. Nussbaum, is to always move up and out. She adds that especially if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, using lighter pressure will prevent agitating your skin.

2. Circular Motions Along Your Cheekbones

Miki Hayes

All experts also recommend stimulating the skin along your cheekbones out towards your ears. While this can be a circular or sweeping motion, to help brighten the skin, Drs. Shetler and Falsetti suggest using circular motions.

3. Circular Motions Along Your Jawline

Miki Hayes

The jawline is another key spot to hit, the experts say. Mimic the motions you used on your cheeks on your jaw, moving up and out towards the base of your ears.

4. Circular Motions Along Your Brow Bone

Miki Hayes

Another spot that can help brighten your skin, say Drs. Shetler and Falsetti, is your brow bone. They recommend using circular motions under your brows, moving down to the corners of your eyes.

5. Tapping Motions Under Your Eyes

Miki Hayes

To help depuff your eyes, Dr. Nussbaum recommends gently tapping under your eyes starting from the inner corner and working your way out. Try doing this step while applying eye cream and using your ring fingers for the softest touch.

6. Sweeping Motions Across Your Neck

Miki Hayes

The last spot all experts recommend massaging is your neck. Dr. Nussbaum instructs to start at the collarbone and sweep up towards the jawline. Drs. Shetler and Falsetti explain that this motion will help lift the skin and "slightly pull fine lines away from their usual position."

Because it's not just what you put on your skin but how you put it on that keeps you fresh and glowing.