5 Shortcuts To Zoom-Ready Hair, Every WFH Day, According Davina McCall’s Go-To Hairstylist

By Sarah Lakos

Working from home. We know the routine by now... Dressing from the waist up, camera-worthy makeup, earrings that will lift your spirit and sparkle on-screen. Mastering the perfect look is certainly a skill the royals have mastered, see Kate Middleton's virtual style, or Meghan Markle's favourite earrings. But hair is another matter entirely. A bit of hair maintenance and styling can really go the extra mile when 'camera on' is required for work.

Whether you’re going to try fun space buns or want to work with the natural texture of your hair, we asked celebrity hair stylist Micheal Douglas – Davina McCall's go-to hairstylist – to weigh in with some simple shortcuts make styles hold for longer and give you that ‘excellent hair day’ feel, most days. The best part? It takes minutes – and a few hardworking products.

Here are five simple but super effective ways to keep your hair looking 10/10 through a busy days of video calls.

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1. Hit refresh

All hail dry shampoo - the fixer of second (or third) day hair. However, the most frequent mistake when using this miracle product is holding the can too close when applying it. The key is to apply a little at a time, says Douglas. If you apply too much, he suggests getting out your hair dryer, "Give [your roots] a blast with a cold hairdryer. This helps disperse it through the hair." If you would like to cover colour regrowth or greys, try a tinted format. Voila! It's like iso-regrowth never happened.


2. Add an accessory

The power of a cute clip should never be underestimated. Even if only two people are going to see it via Zoom. Mix things up with beret slides, a knotted headband or bright silk scarf. If anything, do it for you and find joy in the frivolity.


3. Smooth midday flyaways

Feeling frizzy? Summer static can be a pain, but you can combat it with moisture says Douglas, "Hair oil does this really well. Use on damp hair before blow-drying and on dry hair as a finisher." He also suggests your hairbrush might be to blame. "Friction from a heavy bristle brush is a big contributor. So try a brush with less bristles."

Seeing as you’re at home, try a 'finishing' brush and give your hair a quick once-over. Finish with a spritz of hairspray around the crown of your head to hold those flyaways firmly in place.


4. Nourish weekly

It’s not just your face that deserves a weekly mask – hair can really benefit from a weekly cocktail of nourishing ingredients, too. A mask can help improve the condition to your natural texture or curl, and make your hair shine with health.


5. Wake up with a wave

By now, you have probably seen a handful of tutorials where socks and dressing gown belts are twisted or plaited into hair for the perfect wave. If you’re worried about the skill required, and personal embarrassment levels, a loose (the keyword: loose) plait or French braid will also create a tussled wave. Before you get plaiting, Douglas recommends. "Add[ing] a styling product through the hair before plaiting to help the style hold. An Air Dry Cream is a great option."

Prevent a hair bobble ‘crease’ when you take it out the next morning by using a fabric, ideally silk, scrunchie to secure the tail of your plait.