How To Help The Homeless During Winter Storm Stella, Because This Blizzard May Be Huge

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As Stella, the-too-late-in the-year-for-this-crap March snowstorm makes its way to the Northeast coast, us East Coasters are scrambling to prepare for its imminent destruction. Because we have the privilege of emergency resources and shelter, many may be wondering how to help those who are not as fortunate, like the homeless, as winter storm Stella approaches. Because for thousands of people, the blizzard will be life threatening.

With dangerous winds, a hefty snow accumulation, and outages expected, those who reside on the streets and in shelters are going to need a lot of extra help. It's in times like these that their safety becomes most crucial. Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can all help them.

Whether it's taking some time tonight to donate supplies, or spending Mar. 13 volunteering if your office is closed and the conditions are safe enough for you to leave your home, there's lots to do and ways to make a difference. Even if you're completely snowed in and stuck at home, there are lots of ways to help those in need. It doesn't take long to help, either: For a storm like this, your help could literally save lives. Here are a few ways that you can help out, spread the word, and encourage other people from your community to look out for those less fortunate.

Participate In A Coat Drive

If you have any coats, gloves, scarfs, hats, socks, or warm layers to donate, call your local homeless shelter and offer a donation. Or, get in touch with One Warm Coat.

Donate Non-Perishables

Check your pantry for canned soups, vegetables and other non-perishables. Anything you have to offer beyond your own immediate resources will be extremely helpful. Check out the homeless shelter directory for suggestions.

Deliver Food

If you live in New York, get in touch with the Grand Central Food Program and see how you can get involved ASAP!

Assist Homeless Pets

Homeless pets are in serious danger. While there are great rescue programs like The Guardians, you might be better off handing out dry blankets and dog food to the homeless pets in your community — so long as the situation feels safe.

Call 311

If you you see a person that looks like they're in need of shelter, give 311 a call.

Call 911

If you see someone who looks like they're in medical distress, don't hesitate, call 911.

Share This Infographic

New York City has declared and official "code blue." Share this infographic to let people in your community know about some quick tips that might help save a life.

Donate Funds

If you live in New York City, New York Cares is a great organization that helps provide all sorts of people in need with the resources they don't have access to. If you can't donate time, get in touch with them and let them direct you in donating funds.