How To Keep Your Sneakers Super White

IMO, there's honestly no point in buying a pair of white sneakers if you're not going to keep them clean. No matter if they get one small scuff, or they're caked in mud, they look dirty ridiculously fast. You'll need to learn how to keep your sneakers super white if you want them to look pristine 24/7.

When white sneakers are sparkling white they look absolutely amazing. They can really make an outfit and act as a statement sartorial period to mark the end of your ensemble. When your sneakers are looking on point, they rub off on the rest of your outfit, making you look sharp and perfectly put together. The same can be said when your sneakers are dirty; they somehow manage to drag down everything else you're wearing. This is probably because, whether clean or dirty, your white sneakers draw the eye to your feet. Grimy, white sneakers may (unintentionally) act as a metaphor for you as a person: People might think you are an untidy and unkempt gal if you don't keep on top of cleaning your sneakers. However, white sneakers seem to get dirty the minute you step out of the house. They're a pretty risky fashion choice to say the least.

If you're going to get a pair of white sneakers, you've got to go all in and look after them properly, or go home dragging your soiled sneakers behind you, so here's how to keep your sneakers super white.

1. The Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser (2-pack), $12, Amazon

This quick and easy tutorial shows the power of a magic eraser cleaning sponge.

2. The Deep Clean & Whiten

This quirky and cool tutorial by ASOS Menswear is equal parts helpful and entertaining.

3. The Jason Markk Products

Jason Markk Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit, $16, Nordstrom

Sneaker cleaning supplies creator Jason Markk shows viewers how to clean different types of shoes with the assistance of sneaker care technician Joey. The first shoe in the lineup is a white sneaker, so follow their expert advice to get your trainers gleaming again.

4. The Toothpaste Trick For White Converse

If your specifically trying to get your white Converse back to their original, bright shade, try this DIY toothpaste based trick.

5. The RESHOEVN8R Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner For White Mesh

RESHOEVN8R Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner, $40, Amazon

If you thought white sneakers were difficult to clean, white mesh styles take things to a whole new level! It's easy for dirt to get trapped within the mesh, making it seem impossible to get your white mesh sneakers fully clean again. However, RESHOEVN8R's Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner is sure to make cleaning mesh sneaks a piece of cake.

6. The Sneaker Addict's Step-By-Step Guide

Sneaker collector and Style Director of Details, Eugene Tong, gives a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to best clean, protect, and store your favorite white sneakers.

7. The DIY Hack

This YouTuber was a little dubious about this sneaker cleaning hack he stumbled across online, however he was pleasantly surprised with the results! It's a great hack for those who need to whiten their shoes fairly quickly (it takes around 4 hours) and it doesn't involve the use of a washing machine.

Now there's no excuse for rocking dirty sneakers — it's time to roll your sleeves up and make your white sneakers shine!

Image: GQ/YouTube