Here's Exactly How To Make Dalgona Coffee Without A Mixer

How To Make Dalgona Coffee Without A Mixer
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Of all the trends that have come out of social distancing, making Dalgona coffee is probably one that's going to stick around. Though this whipped coffee drink has been around for quite some time, recent TikTok and Instagram videos have inspired even more to get up and whip their own coffee. And though it's easiest to create this delicious concoction with an electric helper, you can learn how to make a Dalgona coffee without a mixer.

A lot of the awe that surrounds this coffee trend has to do with the fact that it's so painless to make. The drink only has four simple ingredients — milk, water, instant coffee (or espresso), and granulated sugar, which makes it a great choice for those who want their daily coffee drink but don't want to have to go all out to get it. There's also no complicated process to putting the ingredients together. You just gather the water, instant coffee, and granulated sugar in a bowl, mix them together, and then add the mixture to milk when it's all fluffy and creamy. And while many people use electric mixers to whip the substance into a creamy texture, it's not the only way to go about it.


If you don't have access to an electric mixer, a milk frother can get the job done instead. Electric milk frothers are a lot smaller than electric mixers, but they're just as good at getting the mixture to the creamy texture the Dalgona coffee trend requires.

Some people might not have access to any electric mixers or frothers. That's still OK. Though it might take a little more work and a bit of an arm workout, you can totally make the Dalgona coffee manually. Using a whisk is probably your best bet, but if one isn't available to you, you can always use a spoon or a fork. Once you bring the water, coffee, and sugar in a bowl, just take whatever tool you choose and start whisking the mixture. Just as if you were using an electric mixer, keep whisking until you see your ingredients become a fluffy melange of light brown.

Just in case you find yourself stuck somewhere with absolutely no tools or utensils, you do have the option to shake the ingredients up to get it to the texture you need. Some people use plastic baggies or even empty water bottles to pour the mixtures into and shake around until they're ready. You might be thinking that this isn't the most ideal way to get your morning coffee but, hey, as long as you end up with a nice glass of the finished product, who cares how you got there?


Waking up everyday without getting to have your favorite coffee shop pick-me-up can be hard, but with trends like Dalgona coffee, people are learning that there's a lot more they can do at home than they thought. Though the Dalgona coffee trend started going viral due to the need to find "buying your morning coffee" alternatives for home, you will likely be making the coffee even long after your favorite coffee shop opens up again.